038/365 Pretty Lights!

Pretty Lights

Every Tuesday morning Helen and Kelly from Bumpkins Baby Massage come to our house and create an oasis of calm, a feast for the senses, lights and lavender and massage!

Esther and William love their session and always sleep so soundly afterwards. The course lasts for 5 weeks and we will all be very sad when it finishes.

There are a multitude of benefits gained from baby massage. It is particularly good for premature babies because it boosts their immune system. It also promotes better sleep and helps to regulate a baby’s body temperature. Baby massage also aids digestion and improves circulation and respiration. The techniques that you learn can also relieve wind and colic.

With Helen and Kelly you also as a Mum are able to feel relaxed and reassured by their calm, confident and friendly manner. They are full of information and advice, they listen to your worries and concerns and they even bring tea and biscuits in very cute little cups!

Bumpkins Baby Massage offers group classes and home visits in the Ashford area. I cannot recommend them highly enough and am hoping that they will agree to keep seeing us for another 5 weeks.

To learn more about Bumpkins and the benefits of Baby Massage please visit their website

3 thoughts on “038/365 Pretty Lights!

  1. Baby massage was something I was interested in but there weren’t any classes local enough for me to go to. Sounds like Esther and William really enjoy them if they fall asleep after…jealous…me? NO!

    • William is getting a bit like that but the lights help. Helen and Kelly also project a light show on to the ceiling for the babies to watch. And they are so patient with William and his wiggles, and his wee!!!

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