Holiday Play Guest Post: Slime!

Today I bring you slime from Super Busy Mum. I love this post as it shows the exact ingredients and where to buy them from.

I am off slime shopping now and I bet you soon will be too!

We are a crafty home. We love to make things, get creative and of course…get messy!

I’m a bit of a science nerd, of which my eldest daughter Ellie {a.k.a Lollypop} never fails to make me aware of, “Mum, your such a nerd”, is something I hear quite a lot. So I figured I’d WOW them with a very different craft with a funky science twist. 

We were going to make…

Ellie can be such a nosy parker, so I refused to tell her what we were making & with adding each ingredient I’d just reply to her constant “But, what are we making??” with a simple “you’ll see” response. She was both intrigued & excited. 

What you’ll need to make your own slime, is:-
  • Borax {I bought mine from Amazon, it’s not expensive}
  • Elmers glue {also bought from Amazon, but standard PVA will work too}
  • Green food colouring {Again from Amazon} although you can choose whatever colour you like. We went with green because it’s a sliiimy colour. 

The first thing you need to do is get a cup & fill it up with water. Add a heaped tsp of Borax, give it a little stir and leave it off to the side for later. 

Get yourself a bowl and pour in your glue. We added about 4 tablespoons worth of glue to our bowl, then added a little water & a few drops of our slime green food colouring & give it a good stir. {At this point Ellie chirped…”We’re making slime!! AWESOME!” haha}
Once that is done, add your cup of water & borax to the bowl & stir. You’ll instantly see globs of slime forming. Its such a fast reaction that the kids can play with it straight away.
My children loved playing with this and did so for over an hour before needing to get cleaned up for dinner {and I needed to clean my floors!}. But the best thing about it is, you don’t need to throw it away. You can pop it into an air tight jar for another day! And if it’s a little too thick, just add a little water, give a little stir…and voila…its ready to be played with again!

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