10 Ways To Play With Water

So apparently there is a heatwave coming

Thank you Spanish plume!

With a few days of true summer weather

On the way

Here are ten ways

To keep cool

And use your water table

1: Sparkly Oil Slicks
Add glitter, scented oil and petals for pretty water play


2: Kelp Forest
Are your little ones Octonauts fans? Use cut grass to create a Kelp Forest in your water table.

exploring the forest

3: Rainbow Bubbles
Add powder paint and washing up liquid to create rainbow bubbles

powder paint and bubbles

4: Experiment with Gelli Baff
Change the colour and consistency of water for super special sensory play


5: Flower Fairy Lake
Add flowers and fairies for magical summer fun

floral fun

6: Pirate Cove
Sand and shells, boats and treasure, set the scene for pirate play on a sunny day

shells urchins stars

7: Water Bead Tea
There ain’t no party like a water bead tea party!

3 time for tea

8:The Messy Porridge Pot
Begin your play linked to a favourite fairy tale then see where your imaginations take you

porridge pouring

9:Car Wash
Wash all your toys after messy play by setting up a Toy Wash. Great fun and gets a job done!


10: Water Colours
Introduce and explore colour mixing using food colouring in your water


If you do not have a water table

Any old bowl will do

If you are looking for a water table

Some of our favourites are listed here

water table fun

Water play can also be

Within the natural environment


We love natural sand and water play

What is your favourite water play activity?

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