Colour Code from Smart Games UK

We have been busy testing some puzzles and games

From Smart Games UK

Each of my beautiful children has chosen their favourite

This is William’s

Colour Code by Smart Games UK


It is a code cracking puzzle

A lateral thinking challenge

A series of problems to solve

And it is a whole lot of fun

William is addicted to it

Spending any spare five minutes

Trying to crack any remaining codes

He loves it

And gets so excited when he finds a solution


This is William

Cracking the Colour Code

From Smart Games UK

This brainteaser game

Is perfect for all the family

The problems are set in four categories

Four levels of difficulty

You can make the challenges even harder

By adding a time limit

Time penalties

A Beat The Clock style round

But actually William has not needed that so far

He is self motivated and challenges himself

To be faster each time

And to make progress through the different stages


He loves the idea of being an expert

And a master!

Daddy loves this kind of thing too

He has recently introduced William to chess

William could not wait to get Daddy

To have a go

At cracking the Colour Code

Colour Code is a great game

To get children thinking

Thinking about shape and space

Size and colour

It makes you think outside of the box


We have had such fun exploring this

It is something William can do independently

I would highly recommend this game

As a gift for friends and family this Christmas

An awesome way to make learning fun

We were sent Colour Code free of charge in return for an honest review

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