Today begins September

A month I have been looking forward to all summer

David and I have been married for 6 years this month

I will turn 41 years of age

And we will travel to Cornwall

To Tilda’s river at Coombe Mill

s river

It is usually Tilda’s birthday

That we spend on the farm

But this year it will be the week

Between mine and David’s celebrations

We are going to start our travels on my birthday

I really want to take the children to Weymouth Sealife Centre

And then spend a second day in that area

Before driving to Exeter on Saturday

To join The Gro Company at Haldon Forest

For their Little Legs Walk

For The Lullaby Trust

We will walk in memory of Matilda Mae

It is the first time

In too long

That we have done something o raise money in Tilda’s name

But it feels right

Now that Esther and William are 7

It feels right to encourage them to get involved

In raising money and awareness

In doing good deeds

In memory of their sister

This event

The Little Legs Walk

Combines lots of the things we love



And The Gruffalo

All en route to Tilda’s river

It feels right

The time is right

At the moment we are also planning Edie’s christening

At the end of the service

The last hymn

Will be One More Step Along The World I Go

This is one of my favourite hymns

We sang it at my christening

Our wedding

And Esther and William’s christening

I have not been able to sing that song since Tilda died

It felt like we would be singing about walking away from our baby

Leaving Matilda Mae behind

But now

Now I feel ready

Ready to sing our favourite hymn

With Tilda in our hearts

Ready to sing

And it’s from the old

We travel to the new

Keep me travelling along with you

It is time to take the steps

It is time to move forward

Carrying Tilda in our hearts

Every journey begins with a first step

And our first step as a family

With Tilda in our hearts

Will be taken on Saturday 30th September

At Haldon Forest in Exeter

And we would very much love for you to sponsor

Our Little Legs

2017-04-30 11.54.38-2


Thank you x

Welly Walk 368a



Matilda Mae

lullaby trust

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