Ergo Pouch Swaddle Review

In February it will 5 years since our daughter

Matilda Mae

Died of SIDS

Since that night

Safer sleep

Has been a top priority

For our family

Especially with our rainbow babies

I have to say that I buy our sleep products

From The Gro Company

But part of what I do on this blog

Is test and review products

And especially those related to baby safety

And safer sleep

Edie and I co-sleep

So I dress in warm clothes on cooler nights

And Edie wears a sleep product

From birth Edie wore a Gro-Snug

It was perfect for us

Providing the possibility of hip friendly swaddling

With no wrapping or folding necessary

I was so sad when Edie hit 12lbs

And could no longer wear her Snug

It was around that time

That ergoPouch approached me

And asked me to review their Swaddle Sleep Bag

I was sent a 1.0 tog bag

Designed for use in Autumn and Spring

I use 1.0 togs for much of the year

Because of co-sleeping

The ergoPouch Swaddle comes in 3 sizes

And a range of pretty designs

The sizes are

0 – 3 months

2 – 6 months


3 – 12 months

We have the 3 – 12 months

Which is suitable for babies from 7kg

It is lovely and long on Edie

And very stretchy so her legs can fall into a frog position

She can also have a good kick about and feel secure

As her feet find the fabric

The ergoPouch Swaddle is very much like the Gro-Snug

It is a Swaddle that zips and pops

So no wrapping is required

Baby can easily have their arms inside the Swaddle

Or outside making it more like a sleeping bag

The rhubarb colour that we had is very pretty

The material is super soft

The fabric is breathable

And kind to babies’ skin

The ergonomic bell shaped bottom

Is acknowledged by the IHDI as ‘hip healthy’

This was very important to us

As Edie had an immature hip

That was identified at her 6 week check

It had caught up by the time she was 3 months old

But we are still very careful with hip placement

When sleeping and babywearing

The ergoPouch Swaddle is a lovely product

Poppers in the armholes mean transition

From swaddle to sleep bag is very easy

All of our children have always slept with their hands near their faces

And Edie is no exception

So she has always slept with her arms out

arm poppers

I have never been a conventional / traditional swaddler

But the Gro-Snug and the ergoPouch Swaddle

Have been lovely for Edie

Fitting her snuggly

Keeping her warm and comfy overnight

Giving me peace of mind

That my precious baby is sleeping safely

Without any loose sheets or blankets

happy sleeper

One thing I love about

The ergoPouch Swaddle

Is the two way zip

Making night time nappy changes super simple

nappy change

We tested a 1.0 tog Swaddle

They come in a range of togs

For different seasons

And more importantly specific temperature ranges

The tog rating and temperature information is clear on the packaging

And each ergoPouch product comes with a room thermometer

The materials the Swaddle are made from

Help with comfort and body temperature regulation

Natural organic cotton and bamboo

Means the Sleep Bag is soft, skin-friendly and breathable

It washes really well too

2017-08-22 07.30.08

With a range of colours and designs to suit

This is a quality product

It is slightly more expensive than some other sleeping bag products

But I think it definitely provides value for money

The ergoPouch Swaddle Sleep Bag

Is a much loved, much used addition to our range of safer sleep products

Family Fever

We were sent one Swaddle for the purpose of this review

One thought on “Ergo Pouch Swaddle Review

  1. We absolutely love baby sleeping bags and pouches, and the peace of mind they bring is invaluable. We have had an Ergopouch before, and found them to be really good quality. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

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