An Adventurer Explorer Bedroom For Our Boy

Last year we created Esther her dream bedroom

Filled with all things unicorn

Fit for a ballerina

And sprinkled with fairy dust

This year it is William’s turn

For a bedroom makeover

He has been helping me collate ideas

So I thought I would share them with you

In case anyone else is looking to create a special space

For their explorers to rest between adventures

William and Esther once shared this room

Now William is sole resident of the largest of our four bedrooms

Because of this

He has agreed that it can be part bedroom

And part playroom and den for his sisters to come and enjoy

William loves small spaces

I think it is a comfort thing

So within his large room

We want to create lots of little nooks and crannies

I love these bunk beds from Babios

The striking white and walnut design

Is rustic and contemporary

I love the clever storage in the stairs

The built in bookshelf is a bonus too

And an extra bed is perfect for sister sleepovers

Or to throw cushions on to make a comfy couch

adv bunk

Somewhere to read is important for William

Perhaps a private place just for him

Like this teepee

adv teepee

And then a clever shared space

Such as a Swallows and Amazons boat

adv boat nook

William already has gymnastics rings and a crash mat in his bedroom

For more active play

We want to create a climbing wall

And that this one looks ace!

adv climibing wall

For storage we have gone with good old Ikea

We have copied this genius set up

adv ikea

And I want to make this too!

adv lego table

Because this room will be a play space for all our children

I want it to have some fresh bursts of colour

Perhaps in the paintwork and soft furnishings

The cushions and covers


Perhaps in the curtains or blinds?

adv curtains

Like these from Direct Blinds

I also want some rugs on the floor

To define activity spaces

Like these from Scandiborn

adv train rug

adv road rug

adv rug

I have SO many ideas for this room

I have made a pin board here

Here are some pretty things

Some of the


Mountain wall shelves

adv moutain shelves

Woodland Nursery Signs


Be Brave Wall Sticker

adv be brave

Mountain Bookends

adv moutain shelves

Adventure Fund Money Box

adv adventure fund

You Are Our Greatest Adventure

adv you

I love the feel of the plans for this room

Cannot wait to start making them come alive

Adventure Awaits!

This is a collaborative post

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