On The Road In The UK: A Bucket List For Family Edventures

So it would seem that there will be no more babies in our house

We have not yet managed to completely commit to saying never

But I think most likely our family is complete

Except that now the children want a dog

This has come from reading Mr Galliano’s Circus

(We do love a bit of Blyton in our house)

Where the little boy Jimmy

Gets a terrier called Lucky

Who he trains to do tricks for the circus

Now our children want a terrier each

To be their best friend

And learner of tricks

I think that at some point we will get a family dog

Though more likely to be a Labrador than a terrier

But first we are going to enjoy some holidays abroad

Before committing to a furry friend

And UK based staycations

We would as a family

Happily holiday in the UK

There is so much of our homeland we are yet to explore

So much to discover and do and see

I think it will be great fun

As a home educating family

To plan a series of road trips

Some family, dog-friendly, edventures

These are just some of the places I would like to go

And some of the roads I would like us to drive

Inspired by Tyre Plus UK

Off-The-Beaten-Track-Infographic (1) (2)

Harry Potter Haunts

Esther and William are obsessed with Harry Potter

And I am loving reliving all the magic through them

I would love to take them on a HP themed road trip

Taking in lots of locations from the films

A great way to extend the Harry Potter magic

And see lots of beautiful parts of the UK

The Atlantic Highway

We love Devon and Cornwall

David and I have been to the South West

At least once a year

Every year

Since we first met in 2007

I would love to spend more time there

Spend a longer period of time there

On the road

Following The Atlantic Highway

This scenic road trip traverses the iconic counties of Somerset, Devon and Cornwall on the South West Peninsula of England. Dense forests, picturesque villages, rugged coastlines and endless patchwork quilt countryside prevail on this captivating road.

In the first stretch the road takes you through the heart of Exmoor National Park, home to red deer. Driving up and down the rolling hills magnificent woodlands unfold before your eyes. The road sweeps through numerous charming villages, with plenty of opportunity to pull over for scrumptious cream tea. The further you descend south the more magnificent sea views come into sight. Catch a wave at one of the renowned surf beaches in Newquay, or just enjoy the sound of the crashing waves. The trip ends at Land’s end, the westernmost tip of Cornwall. Here, the rugged cliffs, off shore rock islands, arches and sea stacks offer incredible panoramas that never get bored.

Sounds like Heaven on Earth

Though I actually think touring The Lakes would be closer

ullswater paddlers

I cannot put into words how much I love The Lake District

The water

The mountains

The wild

The beauty


It is an area I know well

It is where I trained to be a teacher

And met one of my very best friends

It also has one of the steepest and narrowest road trips in the UK

A road I would love to travel with out tribe

From fell to sea


The Peak District

Bakewell to Buxton

Sounds like a fantastic family plan

My sister lives in Wirksworth

So we could combine our peek at The Peaks

With a visit to her

There are so many family friendly things to see and do

In The Peak District

It is definitely somewhere I would like us all to spend some time


Wild swimming

Just being


If you were taking your family on a UK road trip

Which road would you travel?

Where would you go and why?

Share your thoughts with me and Tyre Plus using #wheelsoftheroad

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