One Week In Italy: Lido Locarno

Lake Maggiore

Is part of The Italian Lakes

But it also has Swiss shores

We spent four days in Switzerland

I fell a little in love with the land of snowy mountains

On two of our days in Der Schweiz

We visited the Lido in Locarno

This is a beautiful leisure complex

A collection of indoor and outdoor pools

This is swimming with a view

lido locarno view

From every pool you can see the lake and the mountains

Edie and I spent lots of time playing in a heated outdoor pool

Watching the boats go by

Outside there is an olympic sized swimming pool

A diving pool

Four flumes named after the four rivers that feed Lake Maggiore

fountain fun

A water fountain play area

A fun splash pool with fountains

And a heated quiet pool with bubbles and resting places

This pool had a tunnel you could swim through to reach

The indoor pools

Which included a children’s pool with a slide

A baby pool

A teaching pool

And another olympic sized pool

The complex was very impressive

And quite reasonably priced if you go prepared to spend the day there

Outside there is lots of green grass for picnics and play

lido lunch

There is a beach with lake access for swimming

There is a wooden structure for climbing with slides

And a variety of swings too

More than enough to keep a family busy and happy for a whole day

lido locarno swings

It is definitely best to take a picnic

As the food is extortionate!

We paid 7 euros for one, not very large, portion of pomme frites

The facilities were modern and incredibly clean

So much nicer and fresher than anywhere we swim at home

And for Locarno locals

This is their pool

There were schools arriving for lessons

Local families

And yet it always seemed quiet and peaceful

We all loved it here

Very much

daddy daze

If you are travelling to Lake Maggiore

I highly recommend a visit to Lido Locarno

You can enjoy the majestic mountains

Soak up the vitamin d

Look at the lake

Swim in the lake

All the while knowing your children are having fun

fountain play

This place was fantastic for us

The views were breathtaking

We were very lucky with the weather

And we were able to relax and enjoy on location family fun

We would definitely go again if the opportunity arose

lido locarno lake view

After our second visit

We went into Locarno and found a small pizza takeaway


This sells small pizzas

Perfect for children

With a light crunchy bread

Ham and lashings of mozzarella



And can be eaten in the Piazza

Just a moment away

Or on the shore of the lake

As the sun goes down

sunset pizza

We tried one of these delicious pizzas

With bacon and honey

It was really really good!

A sumptuous treat

After a full family day Swiss swimming



We stayed for one week in Italy

With the wonderful Bookings For You

2 thoughts on “One Week In Italy: Lido Locarno

  1. After your delayed journey out, what a wonderful place to rest and recuperate. The photos make everywhere look so clean and clear, fresh and healthy. x

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