Splash Handi: A Review

Matilda Mae

Have you met Matilda Mae?
She’s as dribbly as can be
To protect her clothes, and visitors hands
We use a cream Splash Handi!

It soaks up dribble
It absorbs all spit
It mops up milky burps
Muslins and bibs
Tissues and towels
The Splash Handi completely usurps

Me and my Splash Handi

Have you met Matilda Mae?
She’s starting to get teeth!
So when I hold her in my arms
I place a Splash Handi beneath

Splash Handi Protection

Naturally absorbent in all the right places
Perfectly soft to protect tiny faces
Original shape covers your hand and your arm
Keeping you and your baby safe from wet and harm

Splash Handi is lovingly made in the UK
Just like my lovely Matilda Mae

Made in UK

The Splash Handi brightens a baby’s day
By taking the spills and dribbles away

It captures all the leaks and keeps them safe within
The soft and delicate underside protects your baby’s skin

Protect and Play

A cross between a burp cloth and a mitten
We are sure with Splash Handi you will be smitten!

Splash Handi Smitten

How Does A Splash Handi Work?

Splash-Handi™ is shaped to fit both mums and dads hands whilst cradling babes head. Pop your hand in, and with the softest side facing babe, both your arm and the front of babe will be covered with the Splash-Handi™

Now you are ready to burp babe, and your Splash-Handi™ is perfect for ‘loving milky burps™. Once babe has ‘milky burped’ just use your finger/thumb to move to the next set of lobes so that a clean part is ready for more milky burps.

Splash-Handi™ are perfect for out and about, once used, just turn inside out, as it is lined with soft cotton, it helps to keep those milky burp contained until you get home.

This innovative product is just fabulous. It is so useful for winding babies, for babies who are teething or for babies like my very own dribble pot, Matilda Mae. You cannot hold her without getting completely soaked. The Splash Handi can be worn to protect skin and clothing. It fits snugly in my change bag and is easily washed, dried and repacked after each day. It is a dribbly, sicky baby essential!

A Splash Handi costs £18 and comes in a sturdy presentation box with gift label making it the perfect practical present for a new mummy or mummy to be.

You can buy your own Splash Handi from their online boutique. Keep up to date with their news through their website, Facebook page and on Twitter.

We were sent one dreamy creamy Splash Handi for the purpose of this review.

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