Matilda Mae In The Night Garden

Today we have completed the order of service for the church and have changed the music for the crematorium.

Only 17 people are going to the crematorium.

It will be a short, private goodbye for our closest family and friends.

But we will take everyone with us in our hearts as we send our Baby Tilda Mae’s body on it’s final journey.

To the garden in the night.

This will be Matilda’s final music and as I say my goodbyes I will be picturing all these wonderful pictures in my mind to give me the strength that I am going to need to make it through and leave the crematorium without our baby girl.

Thank you x

21 thoughts on “Matilda Mae In The Night Garden

  1. Beautiful! There are no words to convey the sorrow I feel for you. There’s not a day goes by when I don’t think of you and your family and say a prayer for comfort and strength and ask God to hold Baby Tilda extra close up in Heaven. I don’t know you personally and I never met Matilda Mae but your little girl has made such an impact on us here. She has left a wonderful legacy in her all too short life. My thoughts will be with you all on Thursday. X

  2. I think about you and your family every day Jennie and check in on your blog every day to see how you are doing. Sending, love and strength for Thursday. Baby Tilda will be looking down so proud of her wonderful mummy, daddy and brother and sister. Keep taking things one day at a time. Xx

  3. Utterly beautiful and heart-breaking at the same time, as so much of your writing has been since your beautiful angel left. My thoughts are never far from you, even though we have not met. May you gain strength from the love in our community on this day and forever. Sleep well little one. xx

  4. Beautiful. Will be thinking of you all and Matilda on Thursday, as I do every day. Will be blowing some bubbles for Matilda too. X

  5. Jennie, I have been thinking of you and your family, especially beautiful Matilda Mae. So many hugs and prayers for you all for Thursday.

    ‘The mention of my child’s name may bring tears to my eyes, but it never fails to bring music to my ears. If you are really my friend, let me hear the beautiful music of her name. It soothes my broken heart and sings to my soul.’

    God bless you, Matilda Mae xxx

  6. I read your blog posts and get too choked up to comment through the tears – for something that no parent should go through – you are oh so very very brave and courageous and amazing. I just wanted you to know you are in our thoughts each day and today we have been blowing BIG giant bubbles for matilda mae. That is what we will be doing on thursday too as we think of you and pray for strength for you. xxx

  7. You have created the most beautiful way to say goodbye and to celebrate the life of a very special little girl. Will be thinking of you all on Thursday, I’ll be wearing pink and purple, and sending you all the love and strength in the world to get through the most difficult of days xxx

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