Two Big Bowls

Today Daddy went out to the hardware store to buy wood for Esther and William’s new bedroom. I asked him to please buy a salad spinner and two large plastic bowls. We had seen the bowls on a previous visit to the store but I had been in two minds about them. But then I saw two things that made me know that we had to have them. Two things that we will be doing this Easter weekend that require us to have large plastic bowls.

This Easter we will be exploring colour and light with water beads inspired by this post and creating Easter sensory nests inspired by this. I am so excited.

Esther and William know nothing of what I have planned for them.

But they were so so so excited about the big bowls and they have played with them all afternoon.

Here they are, in their big bowls, pretending that they are flying saucers!

I started singing the song Five Little Men in a Flying Saucer and then spinning Esther and William around at the right points. They loved spinning in their saucers and later in the day Esther recreated the song with her teddies.

She then changed the flying saucer to a roundabout saying the the teddies were at the swings and slide. They seemed to all be having a wonderful time until they were unceremoniously dumped out of the roundabout so that Esther could have a go!

The big bowl also became another type of roundabout, the type to ride around, bike around and scoot around.

There were some attempts to drive over the roundabout but mostly they used the big bowl to practise their steering and control.

In calmer moments William also used his big bowl as a little circuit of train track for his beloved engine, Emily. He talked to her as she chuffed around and he told her that this was a new track just for her. He really is very sweet sometimes.

The big bowls were also used TV chairs, for sitting in and sitting on.

They were also used a lot as steps. A step up into the car, a step to see the play tables better, a step up onto the table to do up and over on to the sofa.

The big bowls have also been used as a stage!

One of the things that I loved seeing Esther and William do today was add the bowls on to their scooters and pretend to be snails. How do toddlers come up with these things?

But the first idea was the best idea, the flying saucer, it reminded me of a time before when I had sung that song with a certain Miss Matilda Mae.

One Little Tilda in a Flying Saucer

Love you and miss you Baby Tilda, in all I sing, see and do. Love you x

10 thoughts on “Two Big Bowls

  1. Who doesn’t love getting in giant colourful bowls, but oh, how I admire your strength to be such fun for the twins and how much heart tweaked at the beautiful photo of Matilda.
    Much love

  2. I just love how the simple bowl became a world of adventure for your toddler twins! They look like they are having a lovely time in their play

  3. It looks like they had so much fun with these bowls. It’s brilliant how children can turn things into whatever they want it to be. I always say my youngest stepdaughter could turn an empty box into a game! The picture of Matilda Mae is beautiful such a gorgeous smile that goes right up into her eyes. Hugs xxxx

  4. i love this post shows you what a wonderful imagination children have how such a simple item can become absolutly anything

  5. What fantastic play to be had with the big bowls, (could you let me know who makes them or where you bought them). I read your blog every day and marvel at your strength, you are an inspiration x

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