Looking Back at Coombe Mill

When I was little every year for many years we went on holiday to the Cote D’Azur.

We lived in Germany and we used to drive down there for two weeks of every summer.

It was wonderful and the memories of those holidays will be treasured for always.

Good memories and the normal not so good teenage affairs.

It was our family holiday place and I cannot wait to take Esther and William there one day, though I know that the region will now be changed beyond recognition.

Just like Cyprus, where we used to live.

Now I have a family of my own.

And this year we have found our holiday place.

The perfect place to return to year after year.

Coombe Mill Farm.

Where magic and memories are made.

Where we bid farewell to our beautiful Tilda Mae.

On our second day at Coombe Mill Farm

I knew two things

That I wanted to come here again

And that it was the place I had been dreaming of

Peaceful and magical to set Tilda’s ashes free

I could picture us as a family

Coming back year after year

I could see Fiona and Farmer Nick

Being genuinely excited to welcome us back each year

And see how our family is growing.

I can imagine being at Coombe Mill with our children

And their chosen activities changing through the years

But our peaceful haven remaining

Our quiet time with Tilda

At her very special time of year.

For the next few years I think Esther and William are going to adore the feed run.

This gentle way to start each day was perfect for our family this year.

David and I have already talked about how if we have a new baby we could take it in turns to do the feed run while one of us stays in the cottage with baby.

I can imagine Esther and William bursting into our room each morning and dragging us up and out to meet Farmer Nick.

They loved the feed run so much and as the week went on they became more and more confident and they wanted to be involved with everything especially driving the tractor.

I will never ever forget Esther waiting patiently for her turn to drive.

And how they both beamed with pride once their turn at driving was over.

We have been home for nearly 3 weeks now and every morning Esther and William still pretend to be Farmer Nick driving the tractor and each morning we role play feeding all the animals. It is wonderful. The sign of an amazing holiday that left a real mark on all of us. We truly cannot wait to go back.

Esther and William are always talking about the animals we met on the farm and role playing different farm scenarios. They would have been happy to spend their week working with Farmer Nick and ‘the Farmer Lady’!

But we did get out and about a bit too, to places we will go back to again. Esther and William loved Lappa Valley and a highlight for me was cycling The Camel Trail.

It was wonderful to ride along with the sun on my face and the wind in my hair. Enjoying the spectacular estuary views. Esther and William loved riding in the trailer. And throwing their shoes out all along the trail!!

We were very lucky with the weather on our holiday and particularly on this day. The skies were so clear and blue. The sea was sparkling with dappled diamond stars. It was truly stunning.

While cycling along the trail I was able to look forward to the future. I could picture Esther and William perhaps next year cycling on little bikes with stabilisers. I could see them in a few years time racing each other on their bikes. I could see a future for us on that trail. And it felt so good. Knowing that year after year we could come back to this special place and just be, together.

After our cycle we went to Polzeath Beach for ice cream and a paddle. Again I was watching my toddlers but seeing preteens running to the sea with their body boards!

Esther and William had a wonderful time splashing in a little stream that ran to the sea, playing with the sand and enjoying the sun. Just for a little while we all felt at peace.

And Matilda was with us at the beach too, which confirmed what I already knew to be true.

Coombe Mill is a special place for us as a family of five, a place to feel near the Tilda, our special place by the sea.

9 thoughts on “Looking Back at Coombe Mill

  1. What lovely photos, it’s great that the holiday holds such positive thoughts for you akk, I love that the twins act out the feed run in the morning, how cute. Polzeath beach is great with the stream for the little ones-it can be quite a walk when the tide’s out for them otherwise! Cornwall has become our family holiday place but would love to take them camping in France one day like I used to with my family (Cote D’Azur is so picturesque isn’t it) which makes me laugh as I always used to complain as a teen that we always used to go to France camping, but looking back they are the holidays I treasure most and have fond memories of :) x

  2. I’d love to go to Coombe Mill with my boys one day, it sounds great. I didn’t realise you used to live in Cyprus though! Which end of the island – east or west?

  3. What beautiful pictures of a special holiday. I am so glad you have found a very special place to return to, to be with your whole family… Emma xx

  4. SO pleased you have found this lovely place to return to year on year as your family grow. I love the photos as always but especially love the ones taken at the beach. Gorgeous xx

  5. Jennie this is such a lovely post I’m glad you found Coombe Mill. Your photos are beautiful and really show what a special place it is xxxxx

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