Britain’s Bravest Mum

When you read this

I will be at The Mother and Baby Awards

Dressed in my Starlight dress

For Baby Tilda

Beside my husband

My children in my heart

I will have just accepted an award

For being Britain’s Bravest Mum

My beautiful friend Heather nominated me

And the judges made their choice

I was so touched and proud that Heather had nominated

That she or anyone else thinks I deserved consideration for such an award

I was worried about accepting it

I talked to my family

My closest friends

My husband

A heart wrenching, soul searching day

Ended with a sign from a pink and purple sky

And I knew then what I needed to do

Tonight I stood up on a stage in front of 600 people

And I accepted an award

Not just for me, for Tilda

But for every mother who has lived longer than her child

For every mother who has lost

I do not think that I am any braver than any other mother

Living after loss

I do not think I am braver than any other mother

Being a mother is a tough tough job

It pulls at your heart strings

Such decisions are made each and every day

Such responsibility

For tiny little precious lives

Everyone is brave every single day

What does it mean to be brave?

Doing something that terrifies knowing it is the best thing to do

Stepping out of your comfort zone

Getting through whatever life throws at you and admitting how tough that can be

Using adversity to create something amazing, facing the world and making a difference in whatever way

Holding your head high & carrying on for someone else when you are breaking inside

Not letting life destroy you but using it’s experiences to help and share

Pushing your own boundaries

Saying or doing the right thing even if it goes against the norm and/or brings consequences

Doing new things with a smile and pushing on through fear

Exposing yourself to failure

Resiliency, sometimes we experience things we would never volunteer for but because we are brave we keep stepping out and expose ourselves even more because of it rather than hiding away

Facing something that you can barely think about because it hurts so much with dignity and love. That’s bravery!

So many people are brave in their daily life

In the roles they perform each and every day









Fire Fighters


People have to be brave to live

It is not always easy but people do

People live after the loss of a child

People live after the loss of a parent

A partner

People battle sickness and disease

People brave disability

People fight for what they believe

People fight to save lives

Find preventions, find cures

People support others when their own hearts are breaking

Put themselves at risk to save strangers lives

We are all brave

I am privileged to know some truly brave people

People who have survived more than most can imagine

Have lived their own horror and helped me through mine

They know who they are

Tonight I have accepted an award for Britain’s Bravest Mum

And if you are a mummy

And especially a mummy who has lost

A mummy living without a part of themselves

I accepted the award for you

Because you are awesome

And wonderfully brave

Because you are wonderful you x

“Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway.”
― John Wayne

41 thoughts on “Britain’s Bravest Mum

  1. You may not think you’re the bravest but you’re the bravest I know which is why you were nominated. So incredibly proud of you. You really are beautiful inside and out, just like Tilda. You represent all the brave mums so wonderfully so you are the perfect choice xx

  2. Jennie, this made me cry, you are so brave and yet such a crutch to others my lovely. Tilda is here making a difference everyday xxxx you deserve that award for making a difference to so many others x

  3. You are the bravest person I know and you inspire everyone else around you, even when you are breaking inside. Look at all you have achieved in this your toughest and most heart-breaking nine months, you should feel as proud of yourself as all those around you feel of you. Sending a big hug and congratulatory kiss xxx

  4. Well deserved Jennie. You are battling through every mothers worst nightmare and you will continue to do so. You may not have chosen your path, but you have undoubtedly shown bravery and so much more in the face of it xxx

  5. So proud of you x Beautiful post x Lots of brave mummies out there but you are the bravest I know! An inspiration as ever x Glad David was by your side x x

  6. This beautiful post alone deserves another award (Coco&Co’s single category awards “Most gracious award acceptance” 2013 maybe?!). So proud of you!!! And of Tilda x x x xx x

  7. This award was so deserved. Your posts tug at my heart strings every time I read them. My heart aches for your loss but I’m also so deeply inspired by how you take each day that comes. You tackle it head on, even when your hurting inside, you get through it. Your truly amazing and I so SO happy that you got this award! xxx

  8. Beautiful words from a beautiful person inside and out.
    So proud of you Jennie.

    You are brave, and although I wish you had not won this award, it is much deserved.

    You will look back at this, and one day you will see just how amazing and brave you are.

  9. Congratulations Jennie… well deserved! I’m really pleased that you’ve received this recognition although the word ‘brave’ doesn’t seem big enough to me. You may never really know the full positive impact you and beautiful Tilda have made on so many lives, including mine. As I write this I am taking a short break from painting pink and purple salt dough stars to go on our Christmas tree. My girls and I will be finishing them together tomorrow. It may seem a small thing but your messy play ideas and so many other inspirations have enhanced our lives in so many wonderful ways. Thank you and well done xxx

  10. Beautiful words Jennie, you are a inspiration to so many.

    I have followed your journey. Some of your posts have bought me to tears, some have made me smile as they are filled with joyful memories but behind these posts you have wrote so bravely, sharing with the world how you feel.

    You are amazing and this award is so deserved.

    Helen x

  11. I wish you did not have to be awarded for being brave and I wish that gorgeous girl was still here. But many would have crumbled, not raised awareness and thousands of pounds in the aftermath. I think that is very brave. You are being brave with such dignity and grace. Well done xxxx

  12. Such a well-deserved award! With the tragic loss of Tilda you have shown such courage in sharing the reality of life after her loss, you shine a light and find ways to inspire people every day.

  13. Tonight I am with everyone else. You really do deserve this award brave lady and I know you accept it with a broken heavy heart but you make us all proud. You do this for Matilda Mae and that is why we stand together and salute you Jennie xx

  14. Wow, well done to your friend Heather for nominating you.
    Sending love and well done for accepting such an award.
    Jennie you touch so many people, you are a light to parents everywhere.
    Your beautiful girl was so loved by you, you can see how happy she was in all of your photographs you share, your a beautiful Mummy to 3 beautiful lovely children.

  15. You are so worthy of this. Not only did you allow yourself to grieve (which not everyone does) but you put Tilda’s name in starlights with your charitable efforts. I went to the wake of my friend’s adult son on Saturday; they don’t know why he died as they were out of town. It may take up to 6 weeks to get the autopsy results. No mother should have to go through this. xxx

  16. This the most beautiful piece of writing I’ve ever read, congratulations on your award. I am in awe of brave women like yourself who are mammies to beautiful angels. Be proud of yourself, xxxxx

  17. Jennie, you are not only brave because of the courageous and dignified way that you have coped with the loss of Tilda. It’s also that by raising money and awareness you are sharing the pain of baby loss and breaking down the taboo of talking about it xx

  18. So deserved – well done. You not only display enormous courage but you help us all to find that extra bit of courage we need to face our challenges. Thank you

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