Our Rainbow Star Christmas Tree

Christmas 2014

Our second without Matilda Mae

Our first with Baby Bea

Love and memories wrapped in stars

Love and hope in rainbows

rainbow tree 1

Last year I wanted everything to be different

Completely changed from how things were when Tilda was here

Baby Tilda loved our tree in 2012

Our beautiful memory tree

I will always think of that tree

That year

As hers

This year I wanted to honour and remember Matilda Mae

But I also wanted this year

This tree

To be remembered as Beatrice Hope’s

Just in case

Her first Christmas is also her last

rainbow tree 3

Bea has actually been too young this year to take much interest in the tree

Instead it has been all of ours

A family tree

A memory tree

For all of us

Including Matilda Mae

rainbow tree 4

A tree full of colour

A tree full of character


rainbow tree 5

A tree full of stars

A tree with memories

Old and new

rainbow tree 6

A tree with a new star

A rainbow star

For all our children

Here and in heaven

rainbow tree 8

This is our tree

Our family tree

Our rainbow tree of stars

rainbow tree 7

And I know the tree has Tilda’s blessing

She sent us a sign you see

I found this in a shop window

During an unplanned shopping trip on Christmas Eve

There was one waiting on the counter of the shop

Waiting for Esther, Bea and me

on angel wings

It was the final perfect addition to our 2014 tree

Our rainbow star Christmas tree

With the blessing of our angel

rainbow tree 2

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