Kinetic Rock: Rock Crusher

Recently we have been road testing

A Kinetic Rock: Rock Crusher set

2017-09-03 16.09.58

2017-09-03 16.12.40

2017-09-03 16.15.32-1

As a family we love sensory and messy play

We love playing construction sites

And love messy ‘instruction’ sites most of all

So when we were offered some Kinetic Rock to review

We jumped at the chance

2017-09-03 16.13.36

I was excited to see what the rock dough / rock slime would be like

I wanted to know what it would feel like

It actually feels like the mixture of chocolate Krispie cakes

Or maybe sticky rice?

2017-09-03 16.14.43

It is basically gravel and slime mixed together

Making sticky, mouldable rocks

Great for making boulders

Building dry stone walls

2017-09-03 16.22.35

It is a lovely feeling material

Great as a sensory experience

And good for open ended play

2017-09-03 16.23.49

This set comes with a drilling workman

A rock crushing machine

And a dumper truck

The cardboard box folds out to provide a play scene

I would advise placing the set inside a large tray

Or tuff spot

Before commencing play

2017-09-03 16.26.08

Esther and William played really carefully with the set

And the sticky stuff still got everywhere

It was very hard to pick up and pack away

2017-09-03 16.32.59

I was not at all convinced about Kinetic Rock

But my 7 year old boy / girl twins

And my 3 year old daughter

All love it

And played with it together and individually

For hours and hours on end

2017-09-03 16.35.50

Esther especially

She just loves the feel of it in her hands

Esther also loved turning the rock crusher

While William preferred loading and unloading the dumper

Bea also liked the rock crusher

And enjoyed watching the long sausage of Kinetic Rock

Come out of the roller

2017-09-15 15.03.01

Though the children have enjoyed exploring the possibilities of Kinetic Rock

We are all agreed that we prefer our cereal and seed construction sites

Though I might give this recipe for rock slime a go soon!

If you would like to try Kinetic Rock with your little ones

You can buy the Spin Master Rock Crusher set on Amazon

For around £15

Buy or DIY

I hope that you enjoy x

We were sent one Kinetic Rock: Rock Crusher set for the purpose of this review

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