What I HATE About This Time Of Year

I absolutely love this time of year

Roaring log fires

The twinkle of candles

Snuggling under blankets

Reading chapter after chapter from favourite books


I love the colours of autumn

I love crisp cold days

Filled with sunshine

I love the festivals we celebrate

The special times for families to come together

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There is so much to love about autumn and winter

And just one thing


Now hate is a very strong word that I do not use very often

But I do HATE driving at this time of year

I HATE driving in the dark

I HATE driving in the fog

And I point blank refuse to drive if it is icy

Or snowing

Over the past few years my driving has steadily improved

But I still consider myself a new driver

And most definitely an anxious driver

I can get myself in quite a tizz

If I know I am going to have to drive

In any combination of the conditions above

Where we live it is all tiny lanes

And people drive very erratically

The number of people I see on their phones

Talking or texting

Scrolling through a screen while controlling a car

Is terrifying

Especially with four small people in the back of my car

And while you can be as careful and controlled as possible

When behind the wheel

There is just no telling what other drivers may do

I always do my best to be alert and aware when driving

And try very hard not to let myself get distracted

I always make sure

Or rather David always makes sure

That the car is in good running order

Before I set off on any journey

And though I very rarely drive very far

I know that it is not about that

An accident can happen anywhere


And we should always be prepared

Soon my car will be due a service

It has only recently undergone an MOT

I feel that the vehicle is ready for winter driving

Even if I am not

The other thing we have in place is up to date insurance

Just in case

We have learned over the years to shop around for our car insurance

And to never take the first quote given

We have found negotiating has helped us to save money

And ensure that we are covered for any eventuality

Including most recent changes to legislation

Such as the latest whiplash claim reforms

Knowing that I am fully insured

Helps to relieve some of my driving anxiety

While it would never stop me being a cautious driver

It does allow me to be a more confident one

Despite my fears of fog and darkness

While behind the wheel of the car

I do take my children to ballet and other classes

In villages half an hour away

And I am proud of myself for doing that

And it helps knowing

As the nights draw in

That when we get home there will be


Roaring log fires

The twinkle of candles

Snuggling under blankets

Reading chapter after chapter from favourite books

And maybe, just maybe, a hot toddy too

Tis the most wonderful time of the year!

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