See The Little Bunny – Hopping Lily Bobtail Review

Esther, Bea and Edie

Have a new play mate

A Hopping Lily Bobtail

She is cute and cuddly

A funny little bunny

Who hops and giggles

And wiggles her ears

And calls out phrases


Just in case pockets, just in case

When Lily arrived it was Bea I had in mind

And Bea does like the cuddly bunny

But it is Esther who has played with her more

And Edie, 6 months old, who enjoys her the most

2017-11-03 18.06.08

She giggles when Lily giggles

And smiles as she wiggles her ears

She bounces on her bottom

As Lily Bobtail hops

It is very cute to see

Hopping Lily Bobtail

Is aimed at children aged 18 months above

Children who have heard the Beatrix Potter stories

Who have seen the CBeebies adaptation

Children who know her special phrases

Such as

Not bad for a rabbit, huh?

2017-11-03 18.09.46

Bea loves to cuddle Lily

When she calls out

You need a big hug!

Lily Bobtail comes with batteries

Perfect for Christmas morning

She is ready to play

As soon as she has been unwrapped

2017-11-03 18.05.01

To make Lily talk and move

You give her hand a gentle squeeze

This is easy for toddlers to operate


Lily Bobtail is 40cm tall

So stands tall on display

Making her a lovely addition

To any nursery or playroom

lily bobtail

Lily is a lovely cuddly

And a fun to play with interactive toy

Available from a range of toy shops

With an RRP of £25

A perfect present for Peter Rabbit fans this Christmas

We were sent one Hopping Lily Bobtail for the purpose of this review

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