Big Presents for Bigger Kids

Esther and William

Are now seven

I am not entirely sure how they have become so old so fast

But seven they are

On their wish list for Father Christmas this year

Are fewer toys

Than previous years

Now that they are bigger

The things they want are bigger

In actual size

And / or in monetary value

Not to be outdone by her older siblings

Bea has added a camera and a laptop to her list!

I thought I would share some of the bigger things

That Esther and William have either asked for

Or are being given this Christmas

And some things that I wish I could them

Here is my list of big gift ideas

For bigger kids

Last year our children had bikes for their big present

It is amazing how much children change in a year

In their size

Their style

Their interests

Last year we got them bikes that were perfect for them

They are bright with bold prints

Strawberries and cupcakes and frogs

If I was to buy bikes for our 7 year old twins

And 3 year old this year

These are without doubt the bikes that I would buy

For William the Indi Sandstorm

indi sandstorm

For Esther the Pendleton Junior Hanberry

pendleton hanbury

For Bea the Pendleton Bayley

This is a super stylish balance bike

I love the colour and the design

Can totally imagine Bea whizzing around on this

pendleton balance

And I would rather like a Pendleton for myself

They are gorgeous bikes!


This year Esther has asked for a scooter

Two wheels

And one that you turn to steer rather than lean

We have been looking at scooters that meet her requirements

And have found

Flavor Essence V2 Complete Stunt Scooter


Grit Fluxx Satin Iced Blue / Purple 2018 Stunt Scooter


JD Bug Original Street Pastel Pink MS130B Foldable Scooter

jd bug

We went for the JD Bug in the end

I like that it is foldable

It is lightweight

Yet sturdy and safe

I cannot wait to see Esther getting to grips with it

This Christmas Day

Wobbelboard / Wobbelboard 360

I have been persuading my children

To add to their letters to Father Christmas

A Wobbelboard

And a Wobbel 360

Ideally I would like us to have a Wobbelboard XL too

That way everyone has a station

A place to play

A place to Wobbel

Is it a balance board, a swing, a bridge, a shop, a hut, a step, a racetrack, a lounge seat, or an elephants back?
Grown ups will try to define it, but children instinctively know what the possibilities are.
They keep discovering and learning new ways to play with the Wobbel.

It stimulates balance and poise
It invites to movement and play indoors.
For young and old and everyone in between.

Get fit while playing together.
And on top of that: it looks great in your house.

SO many ways to play!


Top of William’s wish list this Christmas

Is a drone

I was not sure that it was a good idea

But David thinks it is

We have gone for a very simple model

The Little Tikes My First Drone

This is designed for preschoolers

But for a clumsy over excited 7 year old

I think it will be a very good training model

It has

Ergonomic remote control

Auto-hover technology that keeps the drone suspended in midair for easy flying

Protective propellers and emergency shut-off for added safety

LED lights and sounds for extra fun

Connect to remote for quick charge

I think David is looking forward to helping William with this


Gymnastics Equipment

William is already the proud owner

Of gymnastics rings and a crash mat

Now he would like some bars too!

tumbltrak bar

Super Space Rocket

I have bought this Space Play Set from Plum Play

For Esther and William to share this Christmas

The wooden space rocket has four tiers that can be detached for mini missions

It has two space shuttles

Perfect for twins!

Ladders, detachable vehicle ramps, satellite and a robotic arm

The painted wooden play pieces include vehicles, furniture, aliens, spacemen and accessories

The Super Space Rocket is a perfect wooden play set for junior astronauts

Little ones can spend hours exploring their spacecraft and preparing for take-off

As the rocket roars into action on another outer space mission

The Super Space Rocket is made from strong and sturdy wood

It is built to last

space rocket plum play


William loves reading myths and legends

He loves knights

And really enjoyed visiting a jousting tournament this summer

I would love to be able to buy him a large wooden fort

Like this one

The Holztiger Knights’ Castle from Babipur


Pocket Printer

This is not really relevant for our children yet

But for older children taking pictures on phones

This pocket printer could be a perfect gift

Use HP’s Sprocket to turn your most memorable moments stored on your smartphone into photo stickers

This device is small enough to fit in your pocket, so you can take it with you on a night out with friends

This compact printer was made to go wherever you go

It easily fits into any bag, so you can create 2 x 3-inch (5 x 7.6 cm) stickable snapshots whenever the moment strikes

You can customize your photos before you print with the HP Sprocket App

Text, borders, emojis and more add a touch of personality for snapshots and stickers that are uniquely you


This would make a great gift for any blogger or Instagram user too

Bedroom Makeover

For Esther’s birthday in the summer

We gave her bedroom a makeover

This is something that Father Christmas could help with

In your home

happy bed title

Tickets for an Event

On my 40th birthday I went to London with my best friend

We toured the city on an open top bus before going to dinner

And seeing a show

I have done similar with my children

Last Christmas we spent a day on the buses

Before going by boat to the O2 to see Disney on Ice

We have treasured these experiences

And I think tickets for a personal planned day like this

Would make a perfect Christmas present


What are your bigger kids wishing for this Christmas?

And what will Santa bring?

This is a collaborative post

2 thoughts on “Big Presents for Bigger Kids

  1. Rose wants a rocket. An actual real one. And she’s using the logic of magic father Christmas as to why it’s a possibility.
    Other than that, there’s nothing she actually wants. I’ve suggested just a nice letter to father Christmas instead of asking for something and he’ll come back with some surprises.

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