It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Grinchmas

Today we have had the most wonderful day

Doing all things Grinch

2017-12-05 15.47.20

The wonderful thing about home education

Is being able to take our learning journey

Whichever direction we please

Whenever we choose

In October the children were mad on Harry Potter

So we themed all our work around potions and magic

In November we learned about the World Wars

Through the books of Michael Morpurgo

And this month


We are, of course, focused on Christmas

We are learning about the true meaning of Christmas

Through story books

One of which is the glorious

The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

This Dr Seuss book with a message and a heart

Is a perfect festive story

For telling and retelling

And for us as home educators

It gives us the stimulus we need

For a day of work

Covering basic maths, reading, comprehension, writing

Art, PSHE and so much more

Using resources that I found through Pinterest

And on Teachers Pay Teachers

We have had a fun day of learning

Such a fun funny day

Reading and exploring The Grinch

He’s a mean one Mr Grinch

But is he really?

We started our day by reading the story

We have all read the story a few times over the last couple of weeks

We all love the book

Even Edie seems to enjoy the rhythm of the story

Bea age 3 asks for it to be her bedtime story

And Esther, William and I have watched the film

We did a little bit of work comparing the book and the film

And William also had a go at writing his own version of the story

Using the original text as a template and swapping some words

He has made a start writing

The Daddy Who Stole Christmas

Today after reading the story

We played some maths games

That were loosely based on the stories

2017-12-05 09.55.00-2

The children had to roll a dice and then colour in the number they rolled on a sheet

The next round they had to double their number

2017-12-05 10.14.15-2

The final round they had to find the number that added to their number made 10

Esther and William love games so this was a fun way to start the day

After the maths games

We talked about compound words

And together the twins had to link two short words together to make a longer word

A compound word

2017-12-05 10.26.34-2

We had great fun making nonsense words as well as the real words

It did make us laugh

I feel I laugh so rarely these days

This was really special

After the Compound Crackers

Which I got from Twinkl

I gave Esther and William an extract from the story

I asked them to work together

To find and highlight the verbs

2017-12-05 10.44.20-1

They worked hard and enjoyed the search and find task

2017-12-05 10.45.30

Their next task after this was some more maths

Sorting calculations into doubles and near doubles

Bonds to 10

2017-12-05 16.52.50

Again they worked well

And because the work was set in the context of the story

It made it more appealing than a set of generic problems to solve

2017-12-05 09.55.00-2

After reading the story once more

We came up with lots of adjectives to describe The Grinch

2017-12-05 15.04.13

We then stretched some of our adjectives

Into similes

After our word work

We worked through some comprehension questions

It is clear from Esther and William’s answers

How much they have enjoyed the 60 year old story

The Grinch Who Stole Christmas by Dr Seuss

After some Grinch themed imaginative play in our

Twinkl Christmas Post Office

2017-12-05 15.29.02

With super special Grinchmas stamps

And a visit from The Grinch himself

2017-12-05 15.25.34

It was time for one last activity

What would you do to make The Grinch grin?

William said that he would give him sweets

Bea said that she would give him some love

Which led Esther to say that she would give The Grinch a hug

2017-12-05 19.50.05

The final task

To fix The Grinch’s heart

Was for Bea to order a jumbled set of numbered pegs

From 0 – 20

2017-12-05 17.02.13

Which she did with impressive ease and speed

For a three year old!

2017-12-05 17.11.58

We have had a wonderful day

Learning through the magical words of Dr Seuss

Learning that Christmas is about so much more than presents

It is about real presence

We are taking that very important message to our hearts this Christmas

And trying to grow our own hearts by a few sizes

Just like The Grinch


If you want to have your own Grinchmas Day

You can find lots of ideas and resources here

And even more ideas can be found via the

Harper Collins Grinchmas Hub

Merry Grinchmas!


In collaboration with Harper Collins Merry Grinchmas

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