Christmas Gifts For Crawling Babies

Edie Mae is 7 months old

edie mae 7 months

She currently has one thing on her mind


She is trying very hard to crawl

She is rolling all around

She stands for long periods

Holding hands with someone

Or holding on to something

She is absolutely desperate

And totally determined to get on the move

To help her with her developmental ambition

And knowing there will be many other babies

Following in her footsteps

Mimicking her commando crawl

Here are some gift ideas for crawling

Or soon to be crawling babies this Christmas

Rainbow Tunnel

This toddler tunnel is great for crawling through

It is wide enough for a baby to roll around in

For siblings to race through

It has a soft fabric mat

Making it perfect to use on wooden floors and outside

Would also make a snug reading nook

This tunnel has plenty of play potential

And will grow with your baby

It looks fab too

crawling rainbow tunnel

Since having Edie

I have been so impressed with Skip Hop toys

Edie had the Camping Cubs Gym

Now she uses the Activity Centre

Every day

It is one of her favourite places to play

We have other little toys from the Skip Hop range

And I am hoping Father Christmas might deliver this bee

crawling bee 1

The Skip Hop Explore and More Bee

Designed to grow with your baby through three stages

This motorised crawl toy challenges and encourages little ones learning to crawl

With colourful lights, energetic tunes and sweet buzzing sounds

Three stages of play encourage discover and exploration, motor skills and sensory development

Stage 1 (pre-crawling): easy to hold bee rattle wobbles but won’t fall over

Stage 2 (beginner crawlers): cloud moves in circular pattern so babies don’t have to go far)

Stage 3 (advanced crawlers): cloud moves in random pattern to encourage chasing

Sounds like lots of fun!

crawling bee

Leap Frog Learn and Groove Music Table


I am not sure that I would have this now for Edie

But Esther and William loved this table

And it really helped them with their development

Physical and intellectual

And I would recommend it to others whole heartedly

For babies from 6 months


Fisher Price Beat Bo

I have loved the look of this toy for so long

I wondered about it for Bea

And am now wondering again for Edie

crawl fp beat bo

The character is very cute

And as a toy it does so much

Gross Motor: Fun music and motions encourages baby to move, shake, and dance along exercising gross motor skills.

Sensory: colourful lights, dancing motions, a variety of textures, and music, speech, & sounds stimulate baby’s senses.

Curiosity & Discovery: Actions/reaction activities encourage curiosity and discovery as baby discovers how to make BeatBo come to life.

Grimms Rainbow Balls

Edie has these balls from Babipur in her first Christmas stocking

They are going to be great for holding and bashing together

They will be good for rolling

As they roll away they will encourage Edie to get mobile to chase them

I am going to use them to introduce colours

Matching and sorting games as she grows

babipur balls

Plan Toys Pastel Car

Cars that roll along the floor

Are great motivational toys

For crawling babies

To move along with

I love this click clack car from Plan Toys at Babipur

crawl car

Hape Tito Pull Along

We have been testing out this terrific turtle from Hape Toys

It can be pulled along with a string

Or pushed

It rolls along steadily

And all the while it is moving the liquid in the shell is moving




It is quite mesmerising to watch

Bea loves this sensory aspect even more than Edie

This is a cute character toy

With lots of physical and sensory play potential

crawl tito

Bajo Snail Shape Sorter

This Bajo Shape Sorter from Babipur

Is being delivered for Edie this Christmas

A good shape sorter is a baby play essential

And this is a lovely one

It can be pushed, pulled and rolled along

Adding extra physical and sensory elements to play

The snail is friendly

And I am certain this beautiful toy

Will encourage Edie to crawl

And walk when the time comes

crawl snail

Haba Play Tent

Play tents have so many purposes

For a crawling baby

The shift in light

The feel of the fabric




All these things can be explored with the senses

Curiosity a crawler makes

And what baby would not be drawn to a play place as beautiful as this one

crawl tent

If you do not have a tent

Or a tunnel

You can use fabric

To create your own space to crawl beneath

I am also in the process of making a stargazing tunnel for Edie

Like this one

crawl star box

This star box will be Edie’s Christmas present from Matilda Mae

What toys do you have that encourage your baby to get mobile?

How old was your little one when they started to crawl?

This is a collaborative post

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