5 Sentence Challenge: 1

Can you guess Esther’s favourite Harry Potter character and which book we are reading at the moment?

This character is clever.
This character likes to read books.
This character does lots of classes.
This character is good at spells.
This character has a cat.

Someone has broken out of prison.
Gryffindor lost their first Quidditch match.
Harry got a Firebolt but we don’t know who it is from.
Harry flew a Hippogriff and it was exciting.
Professor Lupin is the best ever Defence Against The Dark Arts teacher.

harry potter esther

Can you guess the character and the scene William is describing below?

This character has ripped robes.
He is kind to Harry.
He teaches Harry how to repel Dementors.
This character is often tired and ill.
He knew Harry’s father, they were friends at Hogwarts.

The weather was stormy and the ground was muddy.
Dementors were flying around making people worried and scared.
Harry could not see so Wood called time out and Hermione made his glasses repel water.
Harry was reaching to catch the golden snitch when he heard his mother screaming.
He fell from the sky 50 feet to the ground and lost his Nimbus Two Thousand to The Whomping Willow.

harry potter william

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