#matildamaegiveaway: BundleBean and SnoozeShade

Somehow I have lost a day

And so today bring you two giveaways

From two great brands

With the loveliest owners you could ever hope to meet

The two products up for grabs

Are at the top of my wishlist for Edie

The SnoozeShade Plus Deluxe


The BundleBean Babywearing Blanket

It has ears!

BundleBean and Snoozeshade

In 2012 these two brands together

Sponsored me to go to Britmums Live

I had two perfect days

With Matilda Mae

Just me and her

They are some of my strongest memories

Of my baby girl

I first worked with Emily and Cara in 2011

When I took their original products to Spain

On our familymoon

With teeny tiny twins

Esther and William


I have written many posts about these two brands

My two friends

Including some in rhyme!

snoozeshade twin

Here are links to some of them

Ode To A BundleBean

BundleBean Blanket Review

BundleBean Review

Q: What Am I? A: SnoozeShade

SnoozeShade Twin: Snoozing Shaded Twins

Since my time working with these awesome brands

They have become much more widely known

And have developed a whole range of new products

And I am so excited to be giving away two of them

The BundleBean Babywearing Blanket


The Snoozeshade Plus Deluxe

The BundleBean Babywearing Blanket

BundleBean for Babywearing is a brand new product

A waterproof sling cover specifically designed for babywearing

It is made of soft waterproof fabric backed in fleece

Wider and longer than our other BundleBean products

It fits comfortably over all ages from baby to toddler

And on all types of carrier from woven wraps and buckle carriers

Through to back carriers and rucksacks

It comes with a removable hood, giving top to toe protection from the elements

It comes in its own neat stuff-sac for compact storage

We are a home education family

We spend a lot of time outdoors

And we wear our baby and toddler

A lot of the time

I think this is such a fab family product

Making babywearing a possibility

For adventures in all weathers

The cover is easy to fit and remove in seconds

Ensuring your precious bundle won’t overheat in their carrier

A fantastic product for babywearing parents

Bundlebean_055_cmyk_grey hat_v1

I love the penguins

Oooooh and the polar bears

The lightweight polar bears is the one that has the ears!

Which would you choose?

BBBWPOL full length

The SnoozeShade Plus Deluxe

SnoozeShade Plus Deluxe is a great travel and pushchair accessory

Designed by a mum

That does two important jobs

Green dress touched hi res cropped square copy

It is a baby sunshade

The Snoozeshade Plus Deluxe has one of the highest levels of sun protection of any product on the market

The large soft mesh window means baby can enjoy the sights shaded from 80% of UV.

It is a sleep aid

You can use the outer ‘snooze panel’ to create the shade and seclusion that helps your baby sleep

Check quietly on your sleeping baby via the sneak-a-peek zip.

It’s perfect for holidays, days out, exercising with the buggy, popping to the shops

Or just when you want to keep the sun from getting in your baby’s eyes

Made from a double layer of breathable, lightweight and stretchy mesh fabric

The Snoozeshade Plus Deluxe blocks 97.5% of UV rays and allows air to circulate

SnoozeShade also provides protection from wind, chill and insects when the central panel is closed or in sleep mode

This product is a baby essential for so many reasons

Particularly if you are out and about a lot

And your little one needs to nap on the go

The Plus Deluxe gives parents several new features including:

A larger front panel than the Plus Classic which fully opens for easy access to your child

An integrated front pocket to store shade and snooze panels when not in use

The world’s only safety certified poppers (instead of Velcro)

It sounds amazing and I think we will definitely look into getting one

For our family travels this year

For extra peace of mind and so important for the #matildamaegiveaway

All SnoozeShade products are the safest of their kind on the market

They are designed to exceed the same high safety standards as children’s toys

I think it is so important to know that this is a product in which you can trust

Now …

If only I could enter my own giveaway!

I cannot

But you can

And I urge urge urge you to do so

Two fantastic products

From two amazing brands

Head on over to my Instagram feed

And take your chance

Good luck!

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