#matildamaegiveaway: Baby Bjorn

Anyone who has read my blog

Or followed me on social media

For any length of time

Will be familiar with this photograph

mm baby bjorn

Matilda Mae

September 2012

Being worn around Bekenscot

On my birthday

The one birthday I had with my baby girl

Being worn in her BabyBjorn

I used to wear Tilda everywhere

I loved carrying her close

And when not attached to me

She was very often attached to Daddy

Matilda Mae was not really a fan of prams


I had obviously heard of BabyBjorn

It is a major baby brand here in the UK and abroad

I had never really wanted one of their carriers before

Though I had heard good things about them from family and friends

I always felt that I wanted something prettier

I did try pretty ring slings and wrap style carriers but could not find anything that was quick and easy to get on

Quick and easy to get baby in and out of

And comfortable to wear for long periods of time

I began thinking it would be a miracle if I could find something to tick all the boxes that I required

And then my miracle came along

The BabyBjorn Miracle!

You can read my full review of the carrier here

mm play

I now know that there was one thing that was not quite right

With the Miracle

The carrier did not support the best position for baby

Her legs dangled down rather than being supported in a frog position

A healthier hip position

mm miracle

Over the past five years

BabyBjorn have worked incredibly hard

To improve their carriers

With hip health

Baby safety

Parental wellbeing

And style

All elements of their new designs

mm swing

This year they have just introduced a new carrier

A new One!

The Baby Bjorn One Carrier

Baby Carrier One (2018) - Black, Cotton Mix (1)

Oh and the Baby Bjorn One Air which I really want for Edie this spring and summer!!

bb air

The new BabyBjörn Baby Carrier One and BabyBjörn Baby Carrier One Air

Designed with the help of 100 real families

Along with paediatricians, babywearing practitioners and medical experts

Every feature has been analysed and created for the ultimate comfort and support for carrier and baby

Perfect carrying ergonomics for hours of happy babywearing

Supporting your growing baby’s neck, hips and spine perfectly

While you have your hands free

So what’s new?

The head support is higher and designed with a fully adjustable buckle, which gives both newborns and older babies greater neck support

The seat area now has an even wider maximum position with fully adjustable settings for the perfect position for your little one

There is less fabric between you and your baby which enhances the dreamy bonding experience and breathability of babywearing

You will be able to see and feel that your baby is sitting in a natural position, with their back in a “C” curve

The padding in the shoulder straps is brand new, to offer even more weight distribution across your shoulders and back, for hours of comfy carrying

The mesh used in the Baby Carrier One Air is made from a new patented fabric that’s been specifically developed to be even more breathable and feel extra soft against your baby’s delicate skin

BabyBjorn the family-owned Swedish company, that pioneered babywearing in the 60’s

Constantly works to develop and improve their products that grow with your family

As with the original One carrier, these new versions are suitable from birth all the way to three years old

Carry your baby on your front close to your heart, inward or outward facing

And when they are one year old you can carry them on your back

Turning the carrier with one simple movement

The new carrier is available in a variety of new colours to suit everyone

Baby Carrier One (2018) - Classic DenimMidnight Blue, Cotton Mix (2)

Go on have a look!

Which one would you choose?

I like the pink and grey One and the silver Air!!

pink and grey

Would you like one?

Would you like to win one?

You can!

Over on my Instagram feed

In memory of Matilda Mae

Good luck!

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