#matildamaegiveaway: Slugs and Snails

I love Slugs and Snails

We have quite a history with this brand

Starting back in 2012

When every time I took Esther and William to preschool

They would remove their shoes and socks

slugs 5

So I found some tights for boys

To save my sanity

And keep the twins toes covered

We loved the tights so much

That Esther and William wore them most days

For over a year

slugs 7

Under dresses, skirts and trousers

Or in place of them

We loved

And still love Slugs and Snails

boots on the rocks

Our tights now belong to Bea and Edie

They wear their rainbows most of all

I have a pair of rainbows too

That I wore for Bea’s baptism in 2014


We and Slugs have come a long way in the last six years

slugs 3

Slugs and Snails have always supported our fundraising

Since Matilda Mae died

Their amazing company has grown

And they now produce clothes

Including amazing pyjamas

That I wish I could afford for my tribe

slugs 4

They really are stunning

As are all new designs of tights


Over on my Instagram tonight

I have three chances for you to win

A Slugs and Snails selection

Each of three winners will be able to choose

Two pairs of tight and one top or set of pyjamas

What would you choose?


I would definitely pick pyjamas

Lemon Lightning Tights

Then Brolly or Drop!

Visit the Slugs and Snails shop to see for yourself

Which would you choose?

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