What Edie Wore: Winter Warmers

As we look all begin to long for spring

It seems there will be one more frosty furlong

One more icy obstacle

Before we are truly done with winter

The Beast From The East is headed our way

Though no one is certain how ferocious it will be

These winter warmers will keep your baby toasty

Whether they are playing in the snow

On a windswept beach

Or at the top of a mountain

In the rain

These are our baby winter warmers

Winter wonders

That will also be perfectly usable

Out and about adventuring

As we head into spring

Frugi Snowsuit

We have a gorgeous starry suit from Frugi

It is from 2014

Originally bought for Bea

And still as good as new

frugi pram suit

It is a super suit for all seasons

Inside the outer water resistant layer

Is the snug fleece lining

Designed to feel soft and cosy against the skin

And to keep the weather out

This season Frugi have a Snuggle Suit for babies

Which looks perfect for keeping the chill out

frugi snuggle suit

The Essential One Pramsuit

Anyone who knows

Who reads this blog

Will know that we are huge fans of The Essential One

The product I have loved most with Edie

Is the beautiful vintage floral pramsuit

The print is so pretty

The lining so soft and fluffy

The suit so super snuggly

It is just perfect

It has seen Edie through autumn and winter

And if I can still squeeze her into it through spring

Then I will

The colours suit her so well

And whenever she wears it people comment

It is truly beautiful

And keeps Edie toasty warm

Whatever the weather

2018-02-02 11.54.16-2

2018-02-12 20.19.56

2018-02-12 20.17.05

2018-02-12 20.16.42

The Essential One Snowsuit

For her christening fireworks party

I bought Edie a raspberry snowsuit from The Essential One

The colour is bright and beautiful

It has a fabulous fir trim to the hood

The padded suit is super soft and snuggly

It is stunning to look at

And does exactly what it is supposed to do

It keeps baby warm and dry

essen1 suit

2018-02-18 11.50.16-3

2018-02-12 20.23.16

2018-01-14 10.59.49-1

2018-01-16 12.44.26-2

Blade and Rose Bobble Hat

There is not much cuter

I would say

Than a baby in a hat

Edie Mae

I have to say

Looks uber cute in a hat

She definitely wears them well

We have recently been trying out

A Blade and Rose bobble hat

This chunky knit rainbow stripe hat

With big red pom pom bobble

Is gorgeous

It looks striking

And is a lovely fit

You can buy this gorgeous rainbow hat from Flamingo Gifts

It has a super soft fleece lining

Making it extra warm on old days

And really comfortable to wear

Perfect for winter and windy days

blade and rose hat

2018-01-18 16.00.31-1

Frugi Cardigans

Layers are essential for babies

So that you can adjust what baby is wearing

According to the weather

The temperature

We love Frugi cardigans for layering

Bright rainbow colours

Add warmth to the chilliest days

Fun designs

Lighten any dark

Made from 100% organic cotton

Just perfect for babies and beyond

We were back to all our classes today. It was so funny how different it was with Edie in just a few short weeks. She was very happy crawling round the hall at ballet with @charlottehudsonschoolofdance babbling away and waving to all. She has changed so much these past few weeks. She is becoming a proper little person. I remember feeling this exact way about #Matildamae 5 years ago when she was approaching 9 months. It is such a magical age and I am so thankful that we had this time with Tilda before she died, so grateful that we were given little hints of the girl she would have grown to be. It also makes me desperately sad knowing that we had no clue that we would not ever see that little girl. As we countdown to the anniversary of Tilda’s death I am having horrific nightmares and I am so scared that we will lose Edie before she grows into a girl. Babyloss lasts a lifetime, you never get over losing a child and when anniversaries approach the pain can be unbearable. This is a tough tough tough time of year. I am so blessed with my beautiful loving loving children but I miss my Star baby every single day #matildamae #livingfortilda

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Poconido Pram Shoes

I a not a huge fan of shoes on babies

But in colder weather I understand there is a need

Now that Edie is up on her feet

Shoes are definitely required

On our wooden floors

And while exploring out and about

Soft sole shoes also add an extra layer of warmth

On chilly days

We love Poconido shoes

They are beautifully made

With colourful designs

A little bit of fun for baby’s feet

And a terrific tool for toasty toes on the go!

These are some of the things Edie has been wearing

For warmth this winter

I am really really hoping

That The Beast will come

And bring with it proper snow

Real deep fluffy snow

The kind of snow we used to know

So that Edie has chance to really put her winter warmers

Through their paces

Fingers crossed x

This is a collaborative post

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