Making Work Work

Often I read posts from bloggers

Saying how much work they have to do

I have been writing a blog now for 8 years

A consistently well read blog I feel

A regularly written blog

I spend any spare time I have

Writing posts

Promoting myself and my writing on social media

Yet I have never once truly believed my blog to be work

I have never considered writing my blog to be a job

Certainly no one I know in real life would consider my blog to be my job

I am a full time mummy

Who writes for a hobby

And that is why I write in a hurry

I do not edit my posts

I do not schedule or plan

I write and publish

All in a very short space of time

That is why I am often late with deadlines

It is why I cannot justify putting ‘work’ ahead of anything else in my life

It is why no one really takes what I do seriously in my real life community

I would love for my blog to be my job

I would love to have the time to give my blog the energy and effort it needs

To push through to the next level

But as I do not really earn any money

I cannot justify the time

And so I write what I can in the hour or two I get each night

When all my children are asleep

The time when I try to snatch dinner, a slice of TV

And precious writing time

That time seems to be becoming less and less

My posts more rushed and erratic

I need to make my blog work

It is really important to me

To make my blog work

To make my blog my work

And to do that

As we continue making our house in to our home

I feel like I need a space that is for me

We have a playroom

We have a classroom

The children have three bedrooms between them

I feel like I need a corner of my own

A work station

A place to plan and prepare the children’s work

A place to write

To gather my thoughts

To frame them

And write them down

A place to escape to

A space of my own

I would quite like a little summer house

Over looking Baby Tilda’s memory garden


I would like to have a desk in there

edie desk

And a comfortable rocking chair


I would like a digital radio out there

For music and news

Noise to work to

wall flower radio

Sweet pea mugs

For steaming tea

sweet pea mugs

A National Trust rainbow rug

To snuggle under

rainbow rug

And notebooks galore


And walls of words

Like these

From Old English Prints





A mixture of motivational and Matilda Mae

A simple space

With gentle background noise

Overlooking my lost girl’s garden

A place to be

A space to breathe

A little slice of life that is just mine

Where I can focus and write

And make my blog investable



Make it work

Make it my work

Make it work for me

And me work for it

How do you like to work?

Do you write a blog?

Is it your work?

How do you work on it?

Where do you work?

How do you make it work for you?

Slater & Gordon Lawyers have been thinking about work and asking people about what makes work work for them. They have put together this infographic illustrating people’s thoughts on their working life and how the environment they work in effects their productivity.

The-perfect-working-world (2)

I would love to know what works for you

And any tips that you may have for me

This is a collaborative post

One thought on “Making Work Work

  1. Jennie if there is anything I can do to help you with this then please drop me a DM. My work is my blog and freelance work that has all stemmed from the blog. It is a great thing to do as a job and I’d love to help you if I can.

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