Babyproofing with Fred: Fred Screw Fit Clear-View Stairgate

In the summer of 2016

We moved out of our house

So that it could be renovated

David was on site all the time

Managing the project

Making decisions

Always in consultation with me

We were changing our traditional 1930s four bed house

Into an open plan living space

We were creating extra space on the ground

And opening up the loft space upstairs

playroom storage

We decided on an ensuite bathroom and office

We decided against a fifth bedroom

We had all the rooms we would need!

Four months into the build

And I found out I was pregnant with Edie

We dillied and dallied but decided we still did not need another room

We had all the sleeping space we would need

Downstairs we continued as planned

The walls were coming down!

kitchen wall

Roll on to spring 2018

Our beautiful baby girl is here

The upstairs of our house remains unfinished

And downstairs in the beautiful open plan

Living and play space we created

The walls are going back up

A temporary measure

But an eyesore all the same

With bits of old baby barriers

Put up around the place

It is all a bit of a shambles

But the boundaries are in place

And the borders do their job

It is just such a shame that they look so ugly doing it


There is one place in our home

That has been babyproofed in style

A doorway beautifully blocked

Stunningly stopped

With the rather lovely Fred Screw Fit Clear-View Stairgate

From Cheeky Rascals


From the living space to the hallway

Where there will one day be a solid oak door

At the moment we have the

Fred Screw Fit Clear-View Stairgate

It is the first thing you see

Aa you enter our waiting to be renovated hallway

Everyone who has visited

Since we fitted the gate has commented

Oooooh that is a posh one

I have never seen a gate as nice as that before

I like your stair gate

Everyone who has visited has had to touch it

Perhaps to believe it

A need to feel the materials and see how it works

The Fred Screw Fit Clear-View Stairgate

Is ‘Some Stairgate’

(We have been watching Charlotte’s web)

fred gate 2

The Clear-View gate is elegant and effective

It would not look out of place

In even the most modern home

It is understated and contemporary

And allows light to pour through the acrylic

The Fred Clear-View is solid and super quality

And most definitely made with safety in mind

David who is very non committal about most things

And rarely comments on anything

Has been incredibly impressed with our

Fred Screw Fit Clear-View Stairgate

It was David who put the gate up

He was very impressed with the quality of the parts

And the ease of putting them in place

David found that compared to other gates he has fitted

He had to be much more considered and precise

When putting the gate in place

But found that all the wedges provided

Made this process easier

The gate is heavy and clearly of good quality

The children struggle to open and close it when it is shut

But I think that this is a good thing to avoid accidents

Though I must say it would be near impossible

To trap fingers

As the spacing between the gate and the frame have been carefully thought out

The whole design though aesthetically stunning

Has been built with safety in mind

fred gate

At the moment we are using the gate in a doorway

Edie is not yet aware of stairs

As she grows and explores more

We will move the gate to the upstairs landing

This Fred gate is perfect for the top of the stairs

As it has no bottom bar as a trip hazard

The weight of the door

And the secure lock

Offer a sturdy strength

Meaning babies and toddlers cannot fall down the stairs

We have been super impressed with this gate

For it’s sleek and simple design

For the excellent extensive safety features


Here is a list of all the features you should know about

Courtesy of Cheeky Rascals

Reassuringly child-proof
77cm of height that a young child won’t climb over
Manual 2-way child-proof magnetic locking system
Visual colour alert for when the gate is left unlocked
Top quality, strong materials to withstand heavy impacts
Bite-proof materials and lick-safe finishes throughout

Unbelievably practical
Use just one hand for opening and closing
Built-in lift to make opening even easier
Gate can swing in either direction
Optional 1-way swing setting to prevent opening over the stairs
Gate quickly removed (and replaced) when not required

Simple to fit
Uniquely simple Fast-Mount™ wall installation
180° mount allows a perfect fit, even where walls are at an angle
Designed to fit walls with or without a skirting board
Unique system to mount over quarter round mouldings, pipes or wires.
Screws, fittings and even a mini spirit level all included
Simple width adjustment – can be fitted on the outside of an opening or straight across the gap

Unbeatable design
Clear Acrylic blends effortlessly into your home
A sheer barrier without steps or snags
Elegant, unobtrusive fittings with finger-safe hinges
No-trip bar to get in your way
Meeting and exceeding safety standards

At £150 the gate is not cheap

But I think that the quality and safety standards are worth the money

Especially if like us you have invested

Are investing

Money in renovating your home

You can buy your Fred Screw Fit Clear-View Stairgate from Cheeky Rascals

We were sent our gate for the purpose of this review

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