Mothering Moments When Music Matters

Music plays a huge role in parenting

From lullabies and nursery rhymes

To tidy up songs

Times tables raps

To ballet classes

Car journey soundtracks

Musical singalongs

Sing and Sign

Music Classes

Birthday parties

More nursery rhymes

More lullabies

The beat goes on

music 4

So many magical memories

Married to magical music

So many moments

Remembered in song

Sometimes songs are all we have left

matilda the musical

Sometimes we need to lose ourselves in music

Often with our children

A tune is just what we need

Often when alone

A song can soothe

Music can motivate

There are so many mothering moments where music matters

music haba workshop

When we need music for entertainment

For escape

Music to motivate

Songs to soothe

Music matters

And music is most magic

When we hear it well

When the quality of sound is good

Music is most magical

Through loud speakers

Through headphones designed to deliver

A quality wall of sound

music star tambourine

For those most magical moments

A slice of self care

A crotchet of comfort

A melodic hideaway

All of these are most effective

When the music sounds good

When the rhythm is right

The beats are strong

The lyrics are loaded

The music is meaningful

music 5

When we need it most

Music matters most

When we crank up the volume

When we sing out loud and sing out long

When we dance like no one is watching

Music for the magic

Music for the monotonous

Put a record on

And dance to the music

Music makes us feel good

It lifts us

It heals us

It haunts us

In every moment that matters

There is music that matters too

Sing with your children

Dance in their shoes

But remember also

When you need it most

Put your headphones on

And listen

Let the music play

Let it lift you

Let it heal you

Haunt you if it must

Feel the rhythm

Let your body move

Dance to the music

One more time

So many mothering moments

When music matters

So many musical moments

When mothering matters most

When we matter most

2018-04-18 15.41.11-2

(For mothering please read parenting, I just like alliteration)

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