Five For A First: Sand Pits

With summer on the horizon

And a taster of sizzling sunny days

Under our belts

Our thoughts have turned to sand and water play

There is nothing children love more

Than sand and water play

And both are so simple to set up

Edie has spent most of the last week

Splashing in water in our water tables

In the tuff spot

Or puddles on the patio

She has had a glorious time

And because of her delight in simple sensory play

We have agreed to buy her a water table

And a sandpit for her first birthday

As we have four children

Aged 1 year to 8 years

The sandpit will be a family gift

To be shared and enjoyed by everyone

Therefore we have been looking at larger sand boxes for the garden

sand sisters

We already have a Little Tikes Turtle

Which is Bea’s

And a small wooden sandbox from Wickey

in the sand

Here are some other sandpits that we like

The Kidcraft Pirate Sand Boat from Wayfair

sand kidcraft pirate boat

Kidcraft Sand Box with Shade and Storage

sand kidcraft storage

Little Tikes Builders Bay Sand and Water Table

sand lt builders bay

All Weather Sandpit with Roof


And one very cute sand table

Perfect for a first birthday!

Step 2 Crabbie Sand Table

sand step2 crabbie

Here’s to a summer in the sand!

water and sand

We built a castle near the rocks,
we built it out of sand.

Our fortress was an ice-cream box
with turret, tall and grand.

Our men were twigs, our gun were straws
from which we’d sipped at lunch.

We had the best of wars…
till someone’s foot



by Joan Walsh Anglund

sand bike

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