Five For A First: What I Would Buy Edie If I Could

Two weeks today

Our beautiful baby girl

Will turn one

edie bea

This will be our fourth and final first birthday celebration

The end of our baby days

My emotions are all over the place at the moment

I knew that they would be

Before Edie turns one on the 8th May

We will celebrate Tilda’s birthday

Matilda Mae

Who would be turning six this year

Because of the closeness of the birthdays

And because at one Edie is really too young to know

Edie’s celebration will be quite low key

A farm day and birthday tea

On her actual birthday

Followed by a red, white and blue party

On the royal wedding weekend

With our family and closest friends

I have a few ideas

Of how I want those days to be

But no real plans in place

For both days Edie has a beautiful birthday crown to wear

And a brilliant rainbow first birthday badge

I have also bought her some lovely birthday outfits

Including birthday eve pyjamas

A union jack bunting dress from the awesome My Sister Mabel

And a duck and animal themed outfit for our day on the farm

I have not yet bought her any presents to open

Or anything to play with

I do not have the money

And as baby number 5 there are not really many play things that she really needs

But IF I had the money

These are the five gifts I would love to buy

My beautiful baby girl

A Butterfly Cottage Playhouse from Win Green

wingreen butterfly

A butterfly tea set to invite her teddies to tea


An Olli Ella Luggy

olli ella

And an Olli Ella Holdie House

So that she has a dolls house of her own

Not shared with her older siblings

olli ella house

And a Wobbel Board

A Babipur rainbow board

Which brings with it the gift of open ended play

Creative and physical





There are a whole host of things I wish for our daughter

Hopes and dreams to share

(A whole other blog post!!)

But these are the play things I would buy for her

If I could

On her first birthday

Her very first birthday

Gifts that will keep on giving for a lifetime

Gifts that will punctuate her childhood

And help her to make magical memories through play

With her friends

Her family

For years and years to come

edie 11 months

It is a happy talent to know how to play

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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