Play Ideas: Rice Krispie Tuff Spot

As Edie gets older

I am always looking for ways

That she can play alongside her older siblings

One of the simplest ways

Is to make sure the contents of our tuff spot

Are baby safe and best of all


We started super simple

With a tuff tray full of Rice Krispies

Edie would have been more than happy with the cereal alone

For the older ones I also included

Different tools for scooping, stirring and moving

Plastic measuring beakers

Weighing scales

Balance scales

Pots, plates and bowls

And a teeny tiny miniature ceramic tea set

For involving teddy bear friends

Now we were ready to play!

rice krispie tuff spot

To start with all four children sat round the edge of the tuff spot

With no input from me

William went straight to the measuring equipment

He started filling and measuring

Pouring and comparing


Providing a running commentary

Of all his actions

weigh play

Edie sat beside him

Eating fistfuls of cereal

eating play

Esther and Bea put out the tea set

And invited their cuddly toys to a party

tea party play

I love watching them play

And seeing the choices they make

When given the same invitation to play

ways to play

I love listening to their conversations

William all precise and mathematical

mathematical play

Esther and Bea all American accents

Fairy tales and furry friends

fairy tale play

Edie loves to look and listen too

And she learns so much through their play

sibling play

Their play and her own

baby play

Edie loved the Rice Krispies

She loved the feel of them

The Snap Crackle Pop of them

The taste of them!

baby sensory

She loved grabbing handfuls

Crunching the cereal in her fingers and her toes

She loved squashing


Licking and chewing

She loved brushing the popped rice

Around the tuff spot

Making marks and trails

mark making play

Playing with this cereal

Was great for Edie and Bea

To practise using their fine motor skills

fms play

Picking and pinching the grains of popped rice

Using the tweezers and scoops

To empty and fill containers

Large and small

motor skill play

Sensory play like this is such a lovely bonding experience for siblings

And a fun way for parents to play with their children

So much can be learned through a simple set up

That can be extended in different ways

We used this tuff spot for a week

Adding different resources

Taking toys away

Finding different ways to play

Different ways to use their senses to explore

To experience

To discover and learn

play together

Edible sensory play

Offers an open ended sensory experience

sensory rice play

An invitation to learn through play

learn and play

An invitation to play creatively


imaginative play

An invitation to play together

play and learn

To learn and grow together

As easy as Snap Crackle Pop

sensory rice play

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