Five For A First: Sibling Gifts

We will be away from home

For Edie’s first birthday

Six of us in our seven seater car

Does not leave much room for presents

We have so much ‘stuff’ we need to take

Also with Edie being our fifth baby

There is very little that she actually needs

But at the same time

It is her first birthday

And if I could I would give her the world

And would love to be able to give her some of these special things

These big first birthday gift ideas

As it is

She is getting a holiday

Just as we had planned for her big sister in the sky

A farm holiday by the sea

In Cornwall

She will have lots of lovely days out

That she will not remember

But we all will

We will make memories in celebration

Of our family being complete

And our final baby being

Being one


How is our beautiful baby going to be one?

On her birthday

We are planning a slow day on the farm

With a pancake breakfast

A special party tea

And lots of fun and games in between

There will be bunting and balloons

And, of course, presents

Just token things

Little things

Sibling gifts

From her brother and sisters

Given with excitement and love

Wrapped in lots and lots of layers of paper

As we know from experience she will enjoy the paper

Much more than the presents!

At least on her actual day

The presents we have bought for Edie’s first birthday day are …

Skip Hop Dunck Bath Toy

1 dunck bath toy

Melissa and Doug First Bead Maze

1 first bead maze

Galt Pop Up Toy

1 galt pop up toy

Haba Threading Game

1 haba threading game

Hape Bath Buckets

1 hape bath buckets

Threading Cheese

1 threading cheese

Le Toy Van Woodland Animals Stacker

1 woodland animals stacker

Zoggs Baby Swim Seat

1 zoggs swim seat

I thought that these ideas might be useful

For anyone looking for smaller gifts for their own little one

For sibling gifts for a baby

For friends or family with a baby turning one

Such a special birthday

And these gifts are perfect

They facilitate the best gift of all


Would love to know if you buy any of these

Or if you own them already

I would love to know what you think of them

Do you have a favourite baby toy I need to know about?

Happy Playing!

4 thoughts on “Five For A First: Sibling Gifts

  1. Have you seen the Galt Frog in a Box? Very simple jack in the box babies can operate and under £15. We’ve gifted it for many first birthdays and are now having fun with it with both seven year old and seven month old!

  2. We have the galt pop up toy and all 3 of my children absolutely love it, even now my 5 year old and 3 year old still play with it. Our baby is turning one in July and like you although I’d love to spoil her with loads of presents we can’t afford it and there is nothing that she really needs. We are going to Greece for 2 weeks 10 days after her birthday and they sell the most beautiful hand made wooden toys over there so I am hoping to get her a few belated birthday presents. They also have a shop that sells gorgeous hand made, olive wood jewellery boxes and I am planning to get her one to match her older sisters. And both my daughters were given charm bracelets for their christening, ever time we go away on holiday we collect them a charm to go on their bracelets so when they are older they know all of the amazing places they have been. My babys favourite toy is a Fisher price ‘retro’ toy phone that my mum bought her for Christmas, I had one as a child and my dad actually managed to find the one we had hidden in his attic.

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