Baby Play: Stacking Cups

This week I ordered a set of stacking cups for Edie

With our Sainsburys shop

They cost £3.25 and have been such great value for money

Stacking cups are a baby play staple

That lasts through the toddler years

And can be enjoyed by all the family

The Grow and Play cups from Sainsburys

Are bright rainbow coloured plastic

stacking cups grow and play

They are a brilliant standalone toy

And also perfect accessories for water and messy play

The Sainsburys cups have animal faces on the bottom

And two holes for nostrils

Allowing water to pour through

These are great for the bath

The water table

And the beach!

We also have these nesting cups from ELC

They are again brightly coloured

But this time have numbers on the bottom

Great for ordering, counting and comparing

Learning about size

Can you give the big cup to a big teddy bear

And the smallest cup to a small one?

stacking cups elc

There are lots of different stacking cups on the market

Here are some of our favourites

Munchkin Caterpillar Spillers

These are fun stacking and nesting cups

That also connect together to make a caterpillar

stacking cups caterspillar

Each cup is a different colour

With a different pattern on the bottom

And also a pattern around the outside

The cups can be used for scooping, pouring, straining, sifting

They are perfect for the bath

For water and sand play

Nuby Splish Splash Stacking Cups

Only 5 cups in this set

Designed with the bath in mind

But perfect for stacking

And for all kinds of sensory play

These cups are great for introducing and developing

Shape identification

They are fun and colourful in design too

Green Toys Stacking Cups

This set of six graduated cups is lovely

Providing multiple ways to play

They can be used to scoop and pour water

Build towers

And nests

stacking cups green toys

They are great for basic counting activities

For ordering and comparing

Each cup is numbered on the bottom from 1 to 6

And is volumetrically accurate

If you fill cups 1 and 2, for example

It will equal the volume of cup 3

This Green Toys set is perfect for home, classroom, outdoors, or the tub

A perfect present for a first birthday

And they are star shaped too!

My B Toys Up Up Cups

I love the simple stylish design of these

Build them big to small or small to big

For the beach, the bath tub, the sandbox

They nest and store neatly in the large one

Perfect cups for babies to stack and knock over

And these look lovely out on display too


In case you are still not sold on this simple baby toy

Here are 10 ways to play with stacking / nesting cups

1. Build a tower, stack it up and knock it down. Experiment with stacking the cups in different orders.

2. Pour and spill water, scoop and fill with sand, transfer water, build castles in the sand. Fab resources for sand and water play.

3. A cup for a cuddly, a drink for a dolly, a hat for a horse. How many ways can you use these cups with your toys?

4. Portable play, keep a set in your bag for trains, planes, restaurants and queues

5. Use as boats to race in streams, add Happyland people or WOW figures as passengers

6. Use for ordering and comparing activities, introduce numbers, shapes and new vocabulary

7. Use for colour recognition, colour sorting and colour hunts

8. Play hide and seek by placing small items under the cups for baby to find

9. Fill with small objects and water then freeze to make icebergs for children to free the trapped objects

10. Hide around the garden for a treasure hunt, children to find in number order or just find all and stack in order

So very many ways to play

With this simple, timeless, open ended toy

Do you have a set of stacking cups?

How do you use yours?

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