12 Ways To Play With Your Baby Today

On the eve of my last baby’s first birthday

I am sharing 12 ways you can play with your baby

One for every month of Edie’s first year

I am feeling very reflective this evening

With my soon to be one year old asleep in my arms

Thinking about many things

Big and small

Including the direction of this blog

I know that I need to decide on a niche

And focus on growing my followers

By producing quality content

That I truly believe in and feel proud of

I want to promote learning through play

I want to share the hundreds of play posts and ideas I have in drafts

I want to share my passion for play

Use my teaching knowledge and experience

I want my blog to live up to its name of being educational and inspirational

I want to find a way to make a living wage from my blog

So I can contribute more to the household

And so validate spending more time doing blogging things

I want to be an advocate, a champion for playing and learning

I want to somehow weave in travel and local days out

And also my love of literature for children

With my belief in books as stimulus for learning and play

baby play

But tonight

In honour of Edie’s first birthday

12 ways that you can play with your baby today

1: Roll Play

rolling around

2: Catalogues and Magazines


3: Blok Play

mega bloks

4: Singing

singing with edie mae

5: Star of the Sea Sensory Bottle

Star of the Sea Sensory Bottle

6: Slow Falling Stars Sensory Bottle

stars in our hearts

7: Basket of Balls

ball play

8: Jelly Tuff Spot

play jelly

9: Play Dough Tools Treasure Basket

play with me

10: Fruit and Veg Treasure Basket

pumpkin play

11: Muffin Tray Play

2018-01-23 13.47.56

12: Rainbow Scarves

scarf play

And one for luck?

Okay then …

Stacking Cups – so many ways to play!!

stacking cups green toys

How will you play with your baby today?

Don’t forget to let us know

Happy playing!

in play

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