Five For A First: Littlewoods

When shopping for your little one’s first birthday

It can become quite expensive

It is easy to go over the top

With excessive present buying

Easy to fall into the trap of

Spending money that you do not have

We are so determined to shower our baby with love

With presents

Gifts of toys

Knowing truly in our hearts

That they do not need these things

I know that all of our babies

On their first birthdays

Have enjoyed wrapping and packaging and presence

More than any toy

And yet even armed with this knowledge

I still bought Edie more than I should

Because she is our last baby

Because it is what we do

If you know that you are not going to be able to help yourself

To stop the shop

Try to shop savvy

Try to shop smart

Try using some of the latest Groupon discounts

To help you out

I have been browsing the Littlewoods toy sale

And there are some fab savings to be had

Here are five of our favourites

Little Tikes Rocking Horse

littlewoods little tikes horse

Esther and William got this horse for Christmas in 2011 and it is still going strong!

horse play

Little Tikes My First Slide

littlewoods little tikes slide

Bea got this slide for her first birthday in 2015. We have since upgraded to a larger slide but today I found myself wishing we still had this one as Edie LOVES sliding just as much as Bea did when she was one.

1 bea


littlewoods aquadoodle

For the days when you want to encourage their creativity but do not want to clean up their mess!

Stickle Bricks

littlewoods sticklebricks

I loved these as a child! My children enjoy them now. They are super for sensory play as well as construction. Loads of play potential. Lots of family fun!

Plum Growing Swing

littlewoods plum swing

My little ones all love a swing. They will sit happily for ages, gently swinging, watching the world go by. And their smiles when you push them higher … priceless! Magic!

super smile

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