A Wheely Big Family

One of the things you need to consider

When having a large family

Is that you are going to need a large car

our family

We have four (living) children

And a seven seater car

Recently we have started thinking

That our trusty Volkswagen Touran

May not be big enough for our clan

We can fit us all in it

In theory with one seat to spare

But we cannot fit very much stuff

And four young children

Come with a lot of stuff

The other problem we currently have

Is that I can only drive an automatic car

And our family car is an automatic

So if I need my car

David cannot take the children out

As they do not all fit in his car

And so we are tentatively car shopping

For our growing family

Growing in size rather than number

We always buy our cars second hand

We have had some really good deals

From local auctions

Motoring magazines

And online outlets over the years

I think this time round we might look at the

Vauxhall Zafira Tourer

This has no more seating

But flexible arrangements of seats

And some clever storage

We also like the look of the Volkswagen Caravelle

But I worry this would be just too big for me to drive

It would suit us perfectly though

It would easily enable us to transport

Bikes, canoes, surfboards

A dog?


One day

For our big busy family

We need a big car

That is easy for everyone to get in and out of

That allows us to use four car seats

That has enough space for luggage and equipment

Our parenting paraphernalia

Our sibling stuff

It has to be automatic

It has to be

For me

Easy to drive

And easy to park!

It needs to be reliable

So not too old or over used

Searching online for cars has worked for us

Using tick boxes for criteria in a search

Neither David or I know that much about cars

So friends and family have always pitched in

With tips and advice

When buying a car

A family friendly

Fuel efficient car

Online outlets for used cars

Are useful

They can save you time and money

You can search for cars in your local area

Set alerts for when the car you are looking for

Becomes available online

A big family car is a BIG purchase

And one that can cause BIG problems if you do not get it right

large family

Car shopping online means you can take your time

In the comfort of your own home

Consulting with all the friends and family you need

To get the right vehicle

That will help you head off into the big wide world

With your offspring and ALL their stuff

For exploring and adventuring

Discovering and doing


What could be more exciting than that?


Zafira, Caravelle

Or something else?

This is a collaborative post

2 thoughts on “A Wheely Big Family

  1. We love our Ssangyong Tourissmo as childminders we have lots of children , buggies etc and the boot is huge . We have had many 7 seaters over the last 30 years but this is the best so far xx

  2. We got a Mitsubishi Shogun two months before our fourth child arrived. 11 years later and it’s still going and is our favourite car we’ve ever had, and that includes BMW’s. It was perfect for taking our family out all together and for a fold up buggy to go in the back. We travelled to Disneyland Paris in it and with the roof rack and a roof storage box has been great for transporting windbreaks and all the paraphernalia needed for trips to the beach.
    11 years on and our eldest child has his own car, the second eldest is learning to drive and we find we don’t use the back row of seats so have a big boot, which now contains a dog travel crate. The children start to fly the nest and I’ve feathered it with a doggie. :-)
    The shogun is automatic, easy to drive, pleasurable to drive and no trouble to park. I can’t ever imagine not having it now.
    Have fun choosing the right car for you and your family. xxx

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