Top Picks From Biscuiteers For National Biscuit Day

Happy National Biscuit Day!

What a splendid day of celebration

I love a biscuit

As a child I used to love a Garibaldi

Do you remember those?

Dead fly biscuits as they were affectionately known

These days I prefer a chunkier biscuit

A gooey cookie

Or something crumbly with chocolate chips

If you consider yourself

Something of a biscuit connoisseur

Then you have to try

The almost too good to be eaten

But not quite

Exquisite biscuits from Biscuiteers

They have something for everyone

For every occasion

Gorgeous and scrumptious

Hand iced British biscuits

Presented in beautiful keepsake tins

These are gifts that are well worth giving

And though considerably more expensive

Than good old Garibaldi

I think for a special someone

On a special occasion

They are worth the money

For the joy they bring

Here are some of our favourite Biscuiteers creations

A Thank You Flock


A Tool Box For Father

dads tools

A Happy Birthday Biscuit Tin

happy birthday biscuit tin

A Unicorn Lover’s Treat


A Gift for a Gardening Granny


A Beatrix Potter Selection Box


We were lucky enough to be sent one of these beautiful tins

The biscuits were so pretty

Almost too good to eat

The grown ups were all very delicate with their biting

The children demolished the lot

With no real chance of savouring the vanilla taste

This tin of luxury biscuits

Would be perfect for a Peter Rabbit party

Birthday or baby shower

The biscuits are delicious

And the tin can be treasured forever

A gorgeous gift that keeps on giving

For any one

For any occasion

Just because …

bisc blog 1

Happy National Biscuit Day!

We were sent one Beatrix Potter Biscuit Tin for the purpose of this review

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