Edie is One

Where are the days going?

I cannot believe that we have been home from Bosinver

For almost 3 weeks

And I have not yet written a single word

About our wonderful holiday

About Edie’s first birthday

About Tilda’s sixth birthday

So much is packed into each and every day

And yet they seem to pass in seconds

Fractions of seconds

I am certain that Edie was born just yesterday

edie newborn

The last year has passed so fast

And has been so wonderful

To be honest it has passed in something of a haze

And it is hard to sit here and pick out any single moments

Having four living children means that life is equally chaotic

At the best and worst of times

birthday edie

This is illustrated perfectly by Edie’s first birthday

She is one year and 22 days old today

We still have not blown up her birthday balloons

Taken a photo with her birthday badge

Got the perfect portrait in her party crown

And her specially ordered party dress did not fit

birthday crown

And yet none of that matters

Has not mattered

All that matters

Is that she is here

She is one

She is

As Bea was before her

The baby that lived!

edie soft play

Edie’s birthday was a simple day

We had planned to spend it on the farm at Bosinver

And we mostly did

An after breakfast swim

A first ever time at soft play

Which we had all to ourselves

soft play edie

But then an afternoon at the beach

Our beach

Edie’s beach

Porthluney Cove

edie on sea

Edie’s birthday was a slow day

Filled with play

pipe cleaner play

It was a day to reflect


Be thankful

Feel blessed

blessed birthday

It was a day to celebrate

One whole year of Edith Mabel

And the end of our baby days

edie and me beach day

We did not have cake

We did not do presents

It was a super special day

It was a super simple day

When we all just focused on Edie

happy day edie

Our beautiful Edie Mae

She really is very easy to focus on

Just look at her!

edie one

Our Edith Mabel

edith mabel

Our second precious rainbow

rainbow edie

Our fifth and final baby

final edie

Our Edie

one edie

Our Edie is one

happy edie

2 thoughts on “Edie is One

  1. What a beautiful way to celebrate Edie’s first birthday. I remember reading about your frustration at the time you spent in hospital waiting for her to arrive. How can that be over a year ago already?!
    I’ve popped by and enjoyed reading posts since then and they always inspire me with your honesty.
    I hope to make blog reading more of a regular habit. I tend to write mine and not sit and read many others.
    Anyway, belated happy birthday to such a beautiful little girl. Her hair is just glorious! xxx

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