Why “Me” Time is Important

It is far too easy for us working mums to focus on looking after others and forgetting to look after ourselves. We want the best for the most important people in our life, and would do anything to make them happy. Why can’t the same be said for looking after yourself? Here are some ideas if you’re looking for inspiration for how to get the most from your “me” time.

Quality Not Quantity
According to Happify an important thing to remember with your “me” time is that’s the quality, not quantity that counts. It can be better for your well-being and productivity. Even if it’s just giving yourself one evening a month where you can do as you please – that’s better than a rushed, five minute, sit down during the day. If you are saving for some quality “me” time, why not consider going all out for a treat? You could have a spa day, or go for afternoon tea.

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Having “me” time means you give yourself time to relax, and forget the worries of the world for a while. As lovely as spa days can be, you probably can’t do that every time you’re feeling stressed. So why not bring the spa treatment to your own home? It could be something as simple as pouring yourself a bubble bath. Neom Organics have such a wonderful set of products, which are perfect for a pick me up treat. Or if you fancy, you could have a mini pamper session at home, with face masks and manicures.

Do What’s Right For You
This brings us nicely on to the next point. What you do with your “me” time is completely up to you. It means you’re giving yourself the time to do what makes you happiest. It doesn’t even necessarily mean being by yourself. If you’re a busy mum, it could be the chance for a catch up with old friends, or getting the time to watch the telly with your partner once the kids are in bed. It’s exactly what you want to do. What makes you happiest?

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Don’t Worry About Others
This Telegraph story gets it spot on. As a mum, you constantly think you should put your children first. Any down time you have should be spent with them, right? But giving yourself a break is so much better for you in the long run. After some time off, even for one night, you’ll come back with so much more energy. But it’s not just your relationships with others that can improve by giving yourself some much-needed “me” time. It can improve your relationship with yourself. By giving some time to focus on you, you learn more about yourself, and be confident in who you are as a person.

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2 thoughts on “Why “Me” Time is Important

  1. I have a bath every evening, no quibbles. Everyone knows it my time, that I read a couple of chapters of my book, and it’s when I get my head straight, no matter what the day has thrown my way.
    It’s almost too simple, but the scent of the bubble bath or the body wash (currently lily of the valley and apple) can be so relaxing and reset my equilibrium.

    This is a lovely post and your suggestions are all do-able, plus the importance of not feeling guilty for having that time for yourself.

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