Coach Trip?

I feel like I am standing at a crossroads

With decisions to make

Directions to choose

Plod along as we are

Try for another baby?

Make travel plans

Or something we have not yet thought of

I feel like something needs to change

But I am not yet sure what

I am enjoying dreaming though

Of all of the above in turn

smc travel-goals

I am particularly enjoying making imaginary travel plans

I have a wish list of places I would like to go

Several actually

Hot sandy beaches

Romantic hideaways

Cities steeped in history

Fairytale castles

There are so many places I want to see

Places I want my children to see

smc calpe

As a home educating family we have lots of time for ‘edventures’

The only things stopping us heading off

Are money, David’s work and my anxiety

I know that I should take the children on more days out than I do

I know that I could take the children away overnight on my own

Visit my friend in The Lakes

My sister in The Peaks

Travel to my parents house in Spain

The only barrier is money and the fact I am too scared to drive

On or beyond the M25

I think I have found a way of removing one of my biggest ‘edventure’ barriers

By using a coach hire company

I kid you not!

Let me introduce you to SMC

A family focused coach hire company

That have everything from 8 seater MPVs

To 72 seater double decker buses

This UK company will pick you up at the front door

And take you wherever you want to go

Stopping off wherever you want along the way

I really love this idea

It makes day trips and weekends away possible

Without fretting about the travel

Without panic attacks about driving


A service like that from SMC could literally open doors for me

I could take the children to stay with my sister in The Peak District

I could take my children and their friends on days out

Perhaps to a theme park

A National Trust property

The zoo

We could plan an extended family road trip

Where no one had to drive

We could discover Europe and both David and I would be free

To entertain our children

Rather than one of us doing the driving

It sounds like a wonderful way to see the world!

smc spain

SMC are open to any ideas

For how they can help families get moving

But here are some of the things they do regularly

Things that they do well

Theme Park Minibus and Coach Hire

Weekend Minibus and Coach Hire

Day Trip Minibus and Coach Hire

Sports Trip Minibus and Coach Hire

Events Minibus and Coach Hire

Stag / Hen Party Minibus and Coach Hire

European Tour Minibus and Coach Hire

Airport Minibus and Coach Hire

UK Tour Minibus and Coach Hire

Wedding Minibus and Coach Hire

Corporate Minibus and Coach Hire

Festival Minibus and Coach Hire

Educational Minibus and Coach Hire

I think the SMC way

Could be a fun way to travel

And we could even squeeze in another baby!

smc lakes

Which brings me right back to my crossroads

My directional decisions

Which way?

Which way?

If you would like to know more about the SMC way

You can find all you need to know about SMC Coach Hire here

Where would you go with SMC?

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