Stepping Out: Little Tikes Light ‘n Go – 3-in-1 Activity Walker Review

For the last couple of months

Edie has been hesitantly stepping out

A faltering step here

A wobbly step there

She can now reliably walk 4 steps with encouragement

And a few more to reach something that she really really wants

ramp it up

But at 13 months and 11 days

Crawling is still her mode of choice

She does love to be on her feet

And will often spend ages

Just standing


And staring around

2018-06-16 15.13.29-1

She is also an awesome climber

Can get up stairs incredibly fast

And likes to climb onto stools and chairs

Though sometimes she struggles to climb off again


extreme painting

Edie also loves racing around with a walker

We have had a few walkers over the years

With our five children

Including two beautiful wooden ones

But I think for practicality

This Little Tikes Light ‘n Go – 3-in-1 Activity Walker

Is our favourite

2018-05-14 15.21.23

The large plastic walker

Has long lasting rubber wheels

It has a wide frame

Which makes it hard to pull or push over

It is great for use inside and out in the garden

lt walker

It has over 70 songs and activities

To educate and entertain

2018-05-13 07.19.55

It has flashing lights

And gentle sounds

It is not too loud

Meaning that baby can enjoy playing with it

Without distracting and disturbing the rest of the house

2018-05-13 07.20.11

I fully expected not to like this walker

Thinking I would prefer our traditional wooden ones

But actually this is fun

And engaging

And most of all it is sturdy and stable

It genuinely supports a baby

As they learn to walk

2018-05-13 07.19.30

Edie had come on leaps and bounds with this walker

And I often find Bea and Esther playing with it too

Let me tell you a little more about it

The Little Tikes Light ‘n Go – 3-in-1 Activity Walker

2018-05-13 07.20.03

The 3-in-1 Activity Walker is a walker, standing activity table, and sit & play activity centre all in one

In walker mode lights project from the dome or disco ball

Onto the floor creating interesting combinations inspiring baby to walk

The lights project as far as 8 feet

Making them fun for all the family to enjoy

2018-05-13 07.19.35

The walker converts easily to a play table

The activity board slides up to make this possible

The walker is really sturdy meaning baby can stand at it and play

Baby can also sit and play by folding away the legs

2018-05-13 07.23.09

The toy can fold flat as well for storage

Making it a perfect purchase for anyone with limited space

The 3 in 1 walker has three play modes

Words: Buttons say shapes or colours

Music: Buttons play melodies

Wild: Buttons make jungle animal sounds

2018-05-13 07.19.01

Edie likes to play with all of these

But at the moment her favourite mode is music

She loves to dance and freeze when the music stops

Which is very very cute!

2018-05-13 07.20.34

The Little Tikes walker has 70 activities, songs and sounds

Including flipping books

Spinning drum with alphabet

Numbers engraved into the walker

Glowing light dome, known in our house as the disco ball

Piano keys

Spinning ball

2 animal clickers

Gears that turn

Peek-a-boo slider that roars and has a mirror

2018-05-13 07.20.38

This is a walker and activity centre

Packed with learning and fun

And that is all on top of the primary aim

Of helping babies and toddlers

Be more active

And encouraging them to take their first independent steps

lt steps

Available to buy for less than £40

This is a value for money purchase

A toy that grows with baby and is suitable for use from 6 months

It would make a lovely gift for a new baby

A christening present

Or a first birthday box

A gift that keeps on giving

Inspiring baby to get up on their feet a

Walk, dance, smile and more

2018-05-14 15.19.47-2

Adventure awaits for your little one

With Little Tikes

We were sent one walker for the purpose of this review

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