What The Ladybird Heard: Our Review

Last week I took my three girls to the theatre

We travelled by train to Bromley

For our first ever visit to The Churchill Theatre

ladybird train

The theatre is really easy for us to get to

A direct train

A short walk along the high street

It is perfect for young families

Just outside the theatre is a lovely park

For pre and post show play

The theatre itself is large and has lots of accessible facilities for families

The front of house staff were incredibly friendly

Snacks and drinks were reasonably priced

We were impressed with the theatre before we even entered the auditorium

And the auditorium was awesome

Spotlessly clean

Wide spacious seats

Raked rows in the stalls

Meaning that everyone could see the show

We love The Churchill Theatre

And we loved What The Ladybird Heard


What The Ladybird Heard is a live show

Based on the wonderful story

Written by the awe inspiring Julia Donaldson

And illustrated by the incredibly talented Lydia Monks

The show was completely true to the book

It was adapted creatively

With fun and humour

The four actors were energetic and a joy to watch

They told the story we all know so well

With a song and a dance

And bucketfuls of creativity

We loved the way the farm animals were made

From odds and ends found around the farm

We loved the way the characters interacted with one another

And the puppets

The music was jolly and infectious

Hefty Hugh and Lanky Len were the highlight for me

Particularly Lanky Len

high and len

My girls loved Lily

We all went home singing the songs

And talking about our favourite parts of the show


We loved the songs

We loved singing along LOUDLY

We loved all the opportunities for audience participation

Bea was joining in with everything

It was such a pleasure to see how much she adored the show

Bea loves ladybirds

She loves this book

And I am so very pleased that the show exceeded her expectations

She has told everyone all about it

And seeing her do that

Means the world to me

As the audience were asked to name the animals being created on the stage

Bea called out the loudest

As the audience were encouraged to look for the ladybird

Bea was out of her seat scouring the stage

When we were invited to sing and dance

Bea sang and danced her heart out

She truly LOVED the show

Esther, age 8, enjoyed the story

She also really appreciated working out how the show had been put together

And why

She loved seeing how the different musical instruments were used

To tell the story

To represent a character

To create sound effects

She loved how the animals were made

She noticed the details of the set that were so closely linked to the book

ladybird colouring

She was very aware which actors voiced which puppets

It was fascinating to see the different ways my different daughters watched and enjoyed the show

What The Ladybird Heard

The perfect family show

One way to make magical memories

And The Churchill Theatre?

The perfect place to do it

churchill theatre

We were given free tickets in return for our review of the show

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