Bookish Play: Bumpus Jumpus Dinosaurumpus

Shake Shake Shudder
Near the sludgy old swamp
The dinosaurs are coming
Get ready to romp!

This week we had a playdate

With a special friend

A friend who loves the book

Bumpus Jumpus Dinosaurumpus

A book that we love too

We decided to add some bookish play

To our date

First I challenged the children to

Free the frozen dinosaurs

And then asked them to use

Things they could find in the garden

To create a swamp for them

The children had great fun

Taking on their challenges

They worked together

Creating scenes and stories

Inspired by Bumpus Jumpus Dinosaurumpus

And some of our other favourite dinosaur books

To start this sensory messy playdate

I froze some of our dinosaur toys in a large jelly bowl

I added some green food colouring

And a little washing up liquid to the water

If I do say so myself

It looked super cool

And the squeals of delight from the children

Means I know that they think so too

2018-07-10 14.55.47

They all chose their weapons

(Toddler cutlery)

And started to attack the ice

2018-07-10 14.55.53

They chopped and sawed

2018-07-10 14.55.59

They chiselled and dug

2018-07-10 14.56.16-1

They hacked and hammered at that ice

2018-07-10 14.57.38

They worked together and broke the ice

To set their dinosaurs free

2018-07-10 14.57.18

2018-07-10 14.57.41

As the ice broke apart

2018-07-10 14.58.28

The dinosaurs came loose

2018-07-10 14.58.25

And the water in the water table

Turned a glorious swampy green

2018-07-10 14.57.59

The dinosaurs started swimming in the swampy waters

And our ideas for creating a dinosaur swamp

For our dinosaur romp

Started to take shape

2018-07-10 14.57.52

Shake Shake Shudder
Near the sludgy old swamp
The dinosaurs are coming
Get ready to romp!

2018-07-10 15.45.06

Esther was the main creator of the swamp

2018-07-10 15.21.49

She was so excited to add rocks and grass

And lots of mud to the water

To create the marvellous muddy swamp

2018-07-10 15.04.33

2018-07-10 15.14.44

2018-07-10 15.14.50

2018-07-10 15.22.04

And once created

She played with it for hours

2018-07-10 15.19.28

Acting out stories with the dinosaurs

2018-07-10 15.15.00

Sometimes with friends

2018-07-10 15.12.47

Sometimes alone

2018-07-10 15.43.59-1

Always talking

2018-07-10 15.44.20-1

Often singing

2018-07-10 15.47.02

Creating characters


2018-07-10 15.46.41

Telling tales

Setting scenes

2018-07-10 15.44.23

I love watching Esther play

She is so good at it!

2018-07-10 15.19.38

Bea and Edie enjoyed the swamp too

They loved the sensory elements

Swishing the weeds in the water

Hiding and searching for the dinosaurs

Splashing and sploshing in the water

They had the most magical messy time

2018-07-10 15.55.13

Edie loved making roaring noises

And saying ‘all gone’ when she dropped the dinosaurs in the water

She is super cute in her play at the moment

2018-07-10 15.55.18-1

Once the dinosaur romp was over

It was time to wash the dinosaurs

Everybody get on the floor
Everybody wash a dinosaur …

So much scented soapy fun

A great way to play

On a hot summers day

While also cleaning all the toys!!

2018-07-13 12.44.01-1

2018-07-13 12.44.36

2018-07-13 12.44.48

What a wonderful way to play

With dinosaurs

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