Fighting Obesity – What Is Healthy Living All About?

Obesity as a phenomenon is growing in epidemic proportions. This article describes the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle with healthy nutrition as well as why being healthy is important, and possible solutions for those individuals who can’t lose weight in a conventional manner.

In the western world today, obesity is one of the most critical health problems that leads to various cardiovascular complications, diabetes and a decreased quality of life.

The dynamics of modern life, fueled by sugar-filled fast-foods make the obesity even problem worse – forcing one of the most important questions, what is healthy?

For an ever-growing number of obese people, the only possibility to conquer obesity is to get weight loss surgery abroad.

Definition of a healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle involves a positive attitude towards oneself and requires a strong determination towards positive change. As in all things in life, balance is the key to a sustainable future, and our bodies are no different. Sometimes we may ask ourselves, what does healthy mean? Healthy is a balance between 3 aspects of our lives – diet, exercise and rest. Balancing out these things is an important first step.

Why should we eat healthy foods?

A healthy, balanced diet which is rich in fibre and protein and low in trans fats. Highly nutritious food rich in fibre improves digestion and resorption, and at the same time promotes faster detoxification. The most healthy food incorporates raw fruits and vegetables, nuts, lots of water as well as avoiding foods rich in ‘empty’ calories, such as processed sweets and deep fried meals.


Exercise every day

Scheduled physical exercise releases endorphins and serotonin in the body – chemicals which give us that feeling of happiness and emotional comfort, much like stress eating. It is important to note that the exercise regime should not overstress the body as it might have negative effects on the general health. When asking ourselves what is healthy exercise – it usually means starting out slow and gradually increasing the intensity of the regime to produce best results over time.

Always get enough sleep

Alongside balanced diet and daily exercise routine, regular sleep schedule also helps to body return to its natural circadian rhythm. Regular sleep is an important stress relief which could help those who are struggling with obesity to avoid stress eating, thus lowering the amount of unnecessary carbohydrate intake in the daily diet. Furthermore, good’s night sleep improves the mood and helps the person stick to the preplanned schedule.

What to do when all seems lost?

However, in some cases, even though a change in lifestyle is an important step in the right direction, it’s not quite enough. Oftentimes people search for alternative ways to combat obesity such as gastric bypass or gastric sleeve surgery.

Medical tourism abroad

As obesity is becoming a trans-national problem, many people who are struggling with obesity may pose the question, “what is the healthy choice for me?” – and medical tourism surfaces as the most obvious answer. Its myriad benefits involve:

· Immediately available medical treatment
· A chance to enjoy a vacation in another country
· Competitive rates

The last resort

For those individuals who are unable to lose weight with lifestyle change, a gastric sleeve surgery might provide a life-saving solution. The surgery involves the removal of more than 80% of the stomach, to reduce cravings and help significantly in the weight loss process. It’s a life-changing procedure that will forever change the relationship between the patient and food.

Happier, healthier life

The determination to change your life for the better lies within every person. With a strong support network, correct lifestyle changes and the help of top quality medical professionals, it’s a very achievable goal.

So, when that vague, yet important question – “What is healthy?” pops in our heads, the first answer should always be “My lifestyle!”

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