Sailing Through Summer with Water Wipes

It is hard to believe that the summer holidays have only just started

The welcome reprieve from the recent ongoing heatwave this weekend

Felt like the end of summer

But the forecast tells us of more warm weather and sunshine to come

dancing in the rain

As a family we do not really cope very well with heat

David much prefers wind and rain to hot summer days

And though I like sunshine

Much above 24 degrees is just too much for me

We have endured rather than enjoyed the last few intensely hot weeks

But what has happened is that we have found our rhythm

We have a routine that helps us survive the heat

And make the most of these long sunny summer days

Here are some of our top tips

For sailing through summer

edie first sailing

Get Up and Get Out Early
With the hottest part of the day between 11 and 3

It is good to get up and get out early

During the heatwave our children were up and outside

Very early

The garden was cooler at this time

They were able to roam and play

They were able to burn off some energy without exhausting themselves

All before 9am

The only thing that I would do would be to change them out of their bedtime nappies

And give them a wipe with Water Wipes

These wipes are perfect for sensitive baby skin

And troublesome toddler skin

Made from 99.9% water and 0.1% grapefruit seed extract

GSE is a natural skin conditioner with anti microbial properties

Making them really effective but also really gentle

Which is why we use them with our children who are prone to eczema

And in the recent weather, heat rash

Photo by Mother Scuffer

Photo by Mother Scuffer

Breakfast and Books
After an early morning play

We come inside for breakfast

And try to use this time to read some books

Or do some of our learning activities

This all happens quite quickly

As we want to be back outside again before the peak heat of the day

piano piano

Everybody Needs Sunscreen
As part of our post breakfast

Wash, teeth and dress routine

In summer we also add on sunscreen

The big kids go upstairs to wash and brush teeth

While I give Edie a once over with Water Wipes

This removes any breakfast debris

And removes any dirt from her skin

Before putting on suntan lotion

Babies have immature sweat ducts

Which are more likely to get blocked

Meaning they are prone to prickly heat

By keeping babies skin clean

And wearing loose clothing

Heat related skin problems can be kept at bay

I know that by starting our day with Water Wipes

We are using the world’s purest baby wipes

Which will not irritate even sensitive skin

car car

Hot Lunch and Siesta
At 12.00 we have a hot lunch

I find by eating our main meal in the middle of the day

It keeps us out of the worst of the heat

It also fills Edie’s tummy

Ready for her afternoon nap

After she has had her fill

I will clean her up with Water Wipes

Making sure she is clean all over

Before getting her to sleep

In this recent weather

Edie has been sleeping in her buggy

Under an old apple tree in the garden

The shade of the tree has kept her cool

She has been sleeping really well most days

buggy nap

The older children do not sleep during the day

But I do try very hard to keep them inside until at least 2pm

If they do go outside there are rules

Photo by Mother Scuffer

Photo by Mother Scuffer

Water and Shade
If the children insist on going out the garden

Or if it is hotter in the house than outside

There are a few rules to be followed

On top of sunscreen and hats

They must drink lots of water


They must either be in the shade

Playing with water

Or in the paddling pool

water play

If William just HAS to play football or basketball

In 30+ degree heat

I insist that he does so soaking wet to keep his body temperature down

We are allowed unlimited Ice Pops on the hottest of days

And we sometimes pop a pack of Water Wipes in the fridge

To give ourselves a refreshing face wipe when the sun gets all too much

The natural conditioning properties of Water Wipes

Make them as perfect for parents faces

As they are for babies’ bums!

Picnic Tea
As the heat begins to ease

And the garden takes on a golden glow

We reap the benefits of our hot lunch

By being able to have a picnic tea in the garden

Or by packing up our picnic and heading to the sea

Or to the lake to go sailing

sailing at bewl

Wherever we go our Water Wipes go too

Ready to save our summer skin from dirt and heat

There are SO many uses for Water Wipes at home

And even more when out and about

I always have a packet in my change bag

water wipes

Make Bedtime a Breeze

We stick to our usual bedtimes as much as we can

Even if it is ridiculously hot

The consequences of straying from routine

Are ones we like to avoid

Photo by Mother Scuffer

Photo by Mother Scuffer

All our children sleep in rooms with black out blinds

As soon as the sun is not shining on their windows

We open them and all other windows to allow a breeze to move air through the house

The children sleep in their underwear

With just a sheet to use as a cover if anything at all

Photo by Mother Scuffer

Photo by Mother Scuffer

Keeping their rooms as dark and cool as possible

Helps us to help them sleep

Even on the hottest of nights

cool down baby

With temperatures set to soar again this week

I do hope these tips are helpful

Just one more for you

If you are yet to try Water Wipes with your little ones

Do give them a go

They are more expensive than other brands

But they do provide great value for money

And peace of mind

Especially on that beautiful delicate newborn skin

And the sensitive skin of older children suffering from heat or eczema

Here’s to sailing through summer!

sailboat edie

This post is sponsored by Water Wipes

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