Family Utility Room Goals: Boot Room and Laundry

In 2016 we renovated and extended our home

The bulk of the work was finished

In approximately seven months

But there are still a few jobs to complete

Decorating the hallway and coming up with some clever storage ideas

Creating an ensuite bathroom

Furnishing a laundry room

And designing the boot room of my dreams

As a mummy of four children

With a real sense of adventure

And a thrill seeking husband

I know I have a future of muddy boots

Sports kits

Riding equipment

Wetsuits, kayaks and boards

Also i would like a dog

I have always known this

Hoped for it

And I look forward to welcoming home my teenagers

Young adults


And dog!

With a space they can

Keep the tools of their respective trades

And get clean before entering the family home

dog shower

I have always wanted and hope one day to have

A precision run laundry room

And a school style boot room

Here are some of the ideas that make up my dreams

Boot Room

A space for muddy wellies

Stinky sports shoes

Balls, sticks, hats

Boards, paddles, kayaks

Bags, coats, umbrellas

All the outdoor paraphernalia

That has no place in the house

And yet is part of our family home

Part of the fabric of family life

boot room 5

boot room 4

A place to get suited and booted

Briefed and debriefed

A place to get organised

Where adventures begin

Expeditions end

A place to change

Open and close

A transition

In to out

Out to in

A hub

A heart

Our home

boot room 3

boot room


Laundry Room

Some fun signs to lighten the load!!

laundry room 3

laundry room 2

laundry room 1

Clever storage for dirty clothes

And clean

A space to dry clothes

A hanging rail

A built in heated towel rail

Efficient but not ugly heating

There are lots of fab ideas here

A window to allow fresh air in

A hidden ironing board

A long cupboard for the hoover, mops and brooms

A door to keep all the dirty laundry hidden away

laundry room 6

laundry room 5

laundry room 4

This is a collaborative post

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One thought on “Family Utility Room Goals: Boot Room and Laundry

  1. Like you, I have Pinterest boards for my ‘dream’ everything – dream kitchen, dream bedroom, dream living room, dream garden and dream utility. It’s great to gather these ideas isn’t it? We have a utility that is just so useful for everything and we keep all the dog paraphernalia out there – his food tin, treats tin, two baskets full of all his things – combs, brushes, winter coat, lead, poop bags, odour spray, etc. I’d love for it to be a bit bigger but it serves well as a laundry room and actually the smelly sports shoe/wellies aren’t there but in the garage in a unit built by my husband, very similar to the ideas you have posted.
    I hope you have fun finishing off your renovations. x

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