Keeping Afloat with Konfidence

For the last 10 days we have been away as a family

We started at Alton Towers for two days

Before joining friends to walk a Mile in Memory of Matilda Mae

Before joining family in The Lakes

It has been a giddy time of family fun

Making magical memories

And a time for reflection and remembrance

For our little girl who should have been with us

Every step of the way

Alton Towers was wonderful

We stayed here with thanks to Konfidence

They sent us to the Splash Landings Hotel for two days

To try out their fantastic swimming accessories

As a way of working with bloggers

This was incredibly well thought out

Sending us to a picturesque pool

Where it is safe for children to play

While Mummy takes photos

In one of the few swimming pools I know

That allow you to photograph your children

We are so grateful to Konfidence

For our night away and family play time

And we are also genuinely impressed with their products

family time

Esther and William love swimming

We all do

They love the water

And have no fear at all

They love jumping, going under the water

Messing about on boats

We do not go swimming nearly enough

But we do play in and on and with water all the time

At Splash Landings Esther and William could not wait

To get in the water

We checked in

Tried out the bunk beds

And then made a dash to make a splash in the pool

On our first swimming session

Esther and William tried their Konfidence Float Jackets

konf comp 1

David was a bit apprehensive to begin with

We have successfully used SwimFins for swimming

And traditional arm bands

This was something new

And to begin with I must admit

There was quite a lot of flailing around

Especially from William

Who always seemed to flip over on to his back

When he was out of his depth in the pool

It was not long though

Before both children got used to the jackets

And were able to get their balance right

And float, and swim, on their fronts

Esther in particular was doggy paddling around quite happily


The Original Konfidence Jacket

Is a buoyancy aid

Designed to help children learn to swim

And to keep them safe around water

At the pool or at the beach

Or even on the shores of a lake (whole other blog post!)

The jacket is designed to help children float

We designed the Konfidence™ Jacket to have 8 removable foam floats. These allow the buoyancy to be tailored to the wearer’s needs and ability. We chose neoprene for the shell as its super soft, stretchy and flexible properties make it really comfortable to wear and looks terrific too. Another added bonus is the 100% sun protection it gives to the wearer.


I love that the buoyancy can be changed

In line with the ability and confidence of the child

The jackets look great

The bright yellow back ensures that you always know where your children are

The jackets seemed comfortable for Esther and William to wear

And they kept them warm as well as afloat

Esther and William love their Konfidence jackets

And there are lots of reasons why we, as parents, do too

We use top quality neoprene (wetsuit materials) as this gives the jacket its distinctive softness and stretch-ability. Ensuring a nice snug fit and maximum comfort for the wearer.

We chose soft Lycra for the binding of our Konfidence™ Jackets to reduce chaffing after long periods of use around the arms.

A good chunky, self-locking YKK brand zip is standard on our Jackets. And this comes with a Velcro zip retainer to discourage little fingers playing with the zip pull.

When originally designing the Jacket back in 1997 we wanted to make sure it gave plenty of protection from the sun. So we extended the shoulders to make them wider, and brought the back up to the neckline to give maximum sun protection.

All our standard Konfidence™ Jackets come with a high visibility bright yellow back. We wanted to be able to see our kids from a distance, and the yellow backs really stand out at the beach or in a crowded pool.

Our first impressions of the jackets are really positive and we will be using them lots more over the summer and will be telling you how the jackets grow with Esther and William as they grow in confidence and ability in the water.

On our second swimming day Esther and William chose to wear their Konfidence floatsuits.

konf comp 2

David did comment on the fact that they look a bit funny, particularly on William.

But William did not mind

In fact he really likes his suit though it is a little big for him

Esther loves hers and was once again able to swim about independently

I did not see much of William on this day as he discovered the flumes with Daddy!


Esther and I had some quiet mother and daughter time

Though Esther actually spent most of her time

Chatting away to her new ladybird friends


Esther has the swimsuit floatsuit

And William’s is more like a sun protection playsuit

They both have floats around the middle

These, like the jackets, can be reduced over time

As the children gain confidence in the water

Esther did not seem to notice her floats at all

As she played happily in the shallows

Or practised her swimming in the deeper areas of the pool

It was wonderful that she had her arms free

For swimming and for playing

With built in sun protection these suits are great for safe play

At the beach or lake side

Again I am sure we will be using these many times over the coming months

And we hope that you will follow our Konfidence swimologist journey


If you would like to try these products for yourself

You can enter our giveaway here

We would love to know what you think of the jackets and the suits

We have had a wonderful time keeping afloat with Konfidence

We were sent two jackets and two floatsuits for the purpose of this review

Family Fever

6 thoughts on “Keeping Afloat with Konfidence

  1. So glad you had a lovely time Jennie, we are totally in love with splash landings and the float jacket was a total hit here too!

    I must admit i am also loving the ides of these float suits too!

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  3. We were so impressed with the Konfidence products that we tested out, it gave the kids so much more independence and freedom. Looks like Esther and William had an amazing time, my little man has been asking to go back ever since we came home, the splash park really was so fun and well thought out for kids. x

  4. I am LOVING the suits with the floats around the waist. Actually looking for something like for Annabelle during our holidays next week! Epic review Jenny and great photos. The twins looked like they had an amazing time! x #triedandtested

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