Mile in Memory of Matilda Mae 2014

On Saturday we travelled to Warrington

To join our friends walking a mile in memory

A mile in memory of Matilda Mae

We were on our way to The Lakes

For a week of lake side living

And our friends agreed to help us

Hold Tilda’s Mile in Memory on the way

Heather, Susanne and Lisa worked hard to put together the perfect day

Last year our miles were big events

But this year I wanted something smaller

A special time in a special place

With special people

To remember our very special little girl

our matilda mae

We walked at Walton Gardens

The sun was blazing down

The children loved the play park

Esther and William could not believe there was a Helter Skelter there!

We played and talked and set the walk

The very lovely Minty adorned us all

With Baby Tilda stars


And then we walked

We walked and talked

We remembered

It was a perfect pink and purple day

The walk was signposted with pink and purple balloons


The park was filled with pink and purple flowers


Including some very beautiful Baby Tilda bluebells

That made us think back to our first mile last year

It was wonderful to see all the children playing together

But tugged at my heart knowing the reason we were there

I could see all day the places she should be

Trying to copy the older children

Rolling down the hill


Esther and William had a wonderful time

Blowing bubbles

Catching bubbles

Remembering their sister

They even spotted pink and purple things

While riding on the train


It was a wonderful family day

A picnic in the park

And we remembered

As another year has passed

Without Matilda Mae

It will soon be 16 months that she has been gone

It just does not seem possible

Soon she will have been dead

For twice as long as she was alive

Another milestone I am dreading

Though of course it coincides exactly

With the expected arrival of our Rainbow

The mile in memory was magical

Just like Matilda Mae

I wonder where we will be walking next year

For our beautiful baby girl

In her memory

In her honour

With all our love


I wonder where and how we will walk next year?

13 thoughts on “Mile in Memory of Matilda Mae 2014

  1. A beautiful post, a beautiful day and a beautiful way to remember your little girl. I wish we could have made it – we’re not far from there but our family had already made plans (as all busy families tend to do.) Looking at your photos I can see that we missed such a gorgeous and special day.

    Thinking of you and your family. xxx

  2. Such a beautiful post to remember a beautiful day – all remembering a beautiful little girl. I was so glad I was a small part of it and I’m glad you liked Walton Gardens. Susanne, Lisa and I loved it as soon as we went there. It will always be a special place near to us to remember Matilda Mae. Was so lovely to see you and your lovely family and I cannot wait to see you on the 31st xx

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