Pregnancy Pretties

Rainbow Baby and I are officially in our third trimester

29 weeks and 2 days today

To begin with this pregnancy seemed to go really quickly

But time seems to be slowing down now

I am trying so hard to enjoy being pregnant

But I am finding it incredibly emotional

Soaring highs and crashing lows

Are how my life is lived

I am trying so hard to bond with this bump

But some days I just cannot comprehend

Why some babies live and some babies die

My head and heart are all over the place

Every minute of every day

But I do try

Just once in a while

To sit just bump and me

And when I look at photos of Rainbow and me

I can clearly see

We belong together

We complement one another

Having a bump makes me feel pretty

I love dressing my baby bump

And I want to share some of my pregnancy pretties with you

The first maternity item that I bought this time around

Was this beautiful pink and purple patterned print tunic from Seraphine

pink and purple seraphine

I wore it first for Matilda Mae Remembers back in March

And have worn it at least twice a week every week since

I wore it most recently for Tilda’s Mile in Memory

It has become a special Tilda dress

It is lovely with opaque tights and pumps

Great with jeans and wellies

Lovely with a chunky cardigan


I always feel good whenever I wear this tunic

And I love the Matilda Mae colour way

It also complements the purple shade of my hair

(Also for Matilda Mae)


My favourite maternity brand for comfort and quality is The Essential One

Baby Tilda lived in Essential One baby clothes

They were so soft and comfortable for her

The maternity range is the same for me

The pyjamas and nighties are just gorgeous

essential nightwear

I was sent some cream and black maternity and nursing pyjamas to review

Then David bought me the blue ones for Mothers’ Day

Such a wonderful gift for an expecting or new mummy

The gift of clothes that cocoon you

Making you feel snug and safe

The Essential One Maternity and Nursing Nightdress

Will definitely be in my hospital bag

I also love the maternity leggings from The Essential One

They are so soft and they keep their shape

No saggy knees!

They also do not leave lines on your body

Like some other leggings do

The material is thick enough that it hides lumps, bumps and lines

Yet thin enough to keep you cool on warmer days

The one item that has surprised me from The Essential One

Was a red and white stripe maternity and nursing dress

I did not like it at all when it arrived

But I love it when it is on!

It is so easy to wear

And incredibly flattering

Which I was not expecting it to be at all


I love it

And am looking forward to feeding baby in it

Through the month of August

Another brand I have been testing out is Mamalicious from Kiddicare

The great thing about reviewing maternity clothes

Is that you get to try styles that you would never normally choose for yourself

The bad thing about reviewing maternity clothes

Is that you then fall in love with the brand and spending lots of money

You would not otherwise have spent

Had you not sampled the brand

When the lovely Jennie sent me a bundle of clothes to try

From Mamalicious at Kiddicare

I was really not sure about some of the pieces

But now they are some of my most worn

I love this red and white stripy top

That is perfect for maternity and for feeding

I love the shape of me in this top

Accentuated with the amazing Bravado Bras (full review coming soon)

bravado mamlicious

And I love wearing it with this denim skirt

That I would never have bought for myself

I am going to review the Mamalicious clothes in a separate post

But I love the little details in their clothes

That make them super easy and flattering to wear

The denim skirt is just the right length

To look nice and also be practical for moving around with the twins

Mamalicous denim skirt

Mamalicious make some lovely pregnancy sweatshirts

Perfect for keeping warm on cooler Spring and Summer days

I love this grey and cream one that is great slopped over leggings or jeans

mamalicious lounge

When I am pregnant I like to experiment with different styles

Something I am not brave enough to do without a bump

I have loved styling this Bea Istanbul dress

From Milk and Mummy

Let it Bea

It is a stunning dress that is really easy to dress up and down

I have also been very lucky to try some maternity clothes from Australia

Eve of Eden at Maternity Sale Australia

Contacted me and asked me to try some of their clothes

I have been really pleased with the quality and comfort

Of the styles I have worn

This black shirt dress is a maternity classic for all seasons

shirt dress oz

And I have been wearing this tube skirt and top combo

That made me feel very glamourous and makes me think of Ghostwriter Mummy each time I wear it

She is very glam!

tube skirt

Two of my favourite things that I have worn so far this pregnancy

Are things from when I had Tilda

A beautiful Bibee maternity and nursing dress

This is a really flattering cut for a bump

I love to wear it with bright coloured tops underneath

I always get compliments when I wear this dress

And I know I will be wearing it all winter

While feeding Rainbow Baby

bibee dress

And a maternity coat from New Look

This is such a lovely coat

I feel a bit like The Snow Queen with the big furry hood

Though I am sure I look more like an eskimo

It is great for brisk walks on Winter days

And for keeping warm on Spring evenings

It is something that I wear time and time again

And hope I will be able to wear with at least one more pregnancy

The coat was a real bargain too

As I bought it in the sale when pregnant with Matilda Mae

new look coat

I am finding this pregnancy difficult on so many levels

Emotionally, mentally, physically

But being able to dress nicely

Making the most of my changing body

Noticing our growing baby

It is proving to be really really special

bump pose

It is time I take out for me and Rainbow

And feeling confident in how I look

Has helped me to accept the wonder of this pregnancy

The miracle of this little life growing inside

I am happy with me at the moment

In a way I never am when I am not pregnant

And these pregnancy pretties have helped me with that

Now as Summer comes

The weather grows ever warmer

My bump grows ever bigger

I wonder what my third trimester pregnancy pretties will be?

What did you love to wear in the final trimester of your pregnancy?

What is your favourite pregnancy pretty?

Mother's Always Right

I have been sent a range of maternity clothes to review, many of which are introduced in this post. Separate reviews for each brand will be coming soon. All opinions are always my own.

12 thoughts on “Pregnancy Pretties

  1. Oh that picture of you and Esther together (in the grey stripes) just melted my heart completely. You look fab in every single thing! I miss dressing a bump, I much prefer my shape when pregnant and wish I could hold on to some curves when not! I used to love Isabella Oliver maternity clothes and my comfy jeans from Mamas and Papas but if I were ever to have a third I would definitely try some stuff from this post! The Essential One dress/tunic styles especially. xxx

  2. You look so beautiful! I never really wear leggings but they look great on you – wondering if I should give them another chance. My third trimester favourites included a lovely turquoise blouse from H&M, a denim skirt and a lovely drapey purple floorlength dress my mum bought for me in Paris.

  3. I LOVE this post! Now I know where to look for maternity clothes :) And yes, I love the tube skirt and top combo- my ideal outfit! Not sure I can be described as glam most days but I’ll take it!!
    You’re looking fab (you always are though) and I’m glad pregnancy gives you a confidence you don’t normally feel. I am usually the other way round and struggle with feeling nice in maternity clothes so I am going to remember all these brands when it comes to having a decent sized bump to dress.
    Keep taking care lovely lady
    x x x

  4. You look fab! I love this post. I think my favourite is the red stripey top it suits you so well. I never enjoyed how I looked when pregnant and I could never find nice clothes – I wish I’d had this post to refer to then!! I can’t wait to see you at britmums – you’ll be glowing xx

  5. You look fabulous and I love that you have some beautiful maternity clothes that you can extend wearing for breastfeeding. I always struggled to find clothes because of being so short

  6. Oh I LOVE these outfits Jennie – you look positively blooming. Definitely making note of The Essential One. I’ve struggled to find comfy PJs and nighties to cover my bump so these look like they could be the answer! Thank you so much for linking up to the #BlogBumpClub again. There are some really lovely posts and it’s definitely making me feel part of a proper online antenatal club! xx

  7. There’s not many people that look good pregnant, but pregnancy really suits you! Very fab clothes, wish I looked as good when I was pregnant, I always looked awful haha. I think in my 3rd trimester I couldn’t wait to get home into my pj’s as early as possible! xx

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